Wallpaper Secret Santa Wish List 2017

Hey hey! This is my wishlist for the wallpaper Secret Santa that KyraChan is hosting (and btw big shout-out to Kyra for organizing this! <3<3<3) My screen res is 2560 x 1600. I'd be thrilled to get anything from this list!

Midna (true or cursed form) and/or Link from LOZ: Twilight Princess

Samus Aran from Metroid (I'd prefer the Power Suit/Varia Suit, but if you don't like drawing mech the Zero Suit is cool too)

Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel

Cindy Moon/Silk

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler

Scout and/or Sniper from Team Fortress 2

Gogo from Big Hero 6

Asra and/or Portia from The Arcana

Matt Murdoc/Daredevil

Mission Vao from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic