Fan Art Secret Santa 2017 Wish List

Hey Secret Santa! Here's my wishlist. I'd be thrilled to get art of anyone on here. Also shout out to Toyotami Kun and Neilly for organizing this event, you guys are rock stars :)

Fan art

Midna (true or cursed form) and/or Link from LOZ: Twilight Princess

Samus Aran from Metroid (I'd prefer the Power Suit, but if you don't like drawing mech the Zero Suit is cool too)

Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel

Cindy Moon/Silk

Scout and/or Sniper from Team Fortress 2

Gogo from Big Hero 6 x x

Asra and/or Portia from The Arcana

Matt Murdoc/Daredevil

Mission Vao from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Zelda x x
Sean x x
Jak x

Blue x

An-Mei xx

The Arcana:

Joan Morrigan x x