hey there!

Hey guys! Sorry I disappeared for a bit there. I stopped checking in because I was on my phone, and this site is pretty dreadful on mobile unfortunately. The good news is, i got a computer for school! It's a very fancy new Macbook that comes with the full Adobe suite and I love it so starting today I;'m going to try to log in here at least once a week, cause I want to catch up with you guys and upload the new art I've been making.
Anyway, guess who started college classes today? I did!! So yeah, I guess I'm a college student now (whaat?). TBH the idea of starting college has been stressing me out a lot. I wanted to move out, but at the same time I didn't, I don't know. But I'm here now, and things don't totally suck I guess. My dorm room is pretty cool (maybe I'll post some pictures later) and I've made a few friends. on the less fun side I don't have any supplies yet because the supply list was ridiculously hard to find on the website, and i can't stop thinking that I shouldn't even be here because holy shit, this place is expensive. So I'm really a bit anxious, bit I'm dealing with it by playing RPGs all night and avoiding social interactions with healthy coping mechanisms.
Um, on another note, I'm working on some stories for Kagamure, so I might be bringing that back in the near future! That would be great honestly, I really miss working on it.
I guess that's about it right now. What have you guys been up to?