theOtaku Heaader Mascot Slam!!
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There's my spiffy little Mascot Header thingymajig!! I did all of the drawn parts in sharpie <3 then scanned em and decorated them in GIMP with brushes from deviantart!!

The "O" has various hiragana in it, "t" has Gir from Invader Zim, "a" has different heart brushes I have with the biggest one of the Heart + Headphones (for all those musically-inspired among us!), "k" is of a kuroneko-chan, because I have a feeling a lot of you are also cat lovers, and "u" has swirls and cherry blossoms!! Then I threw in some swirls and flowers in various places, and used tiny snowflake brushes to add the hints of color to the girls <3 !!