theOtaku Heaader Mascot Slam!!
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There's my spiffy little Mascot Header thingymajig!! I did all of the drawn parts in sharpie <3 then scanned em and decorated them in GIMP with brushes from deviantart!!

The "O" has various hiragana in it, "t" has Gir from Invader Zim, "a" has different heart brushes I have with the biggest one of the Heart + Headphones (for all those musically-inspired among us!), "k" is of a kuroneko-chan, because I have a feeling a lot of you are also cat lovers, and "u" has swirls and cherry blossoms!! Then I threw in some swirls and flowers in various places, and used tiny snowflake brushes to add the hints of color to the girls <3 !!


Soooo I has good neeews!!!

I have officially started our website for Punk GOTH Drunk and crew!! ^____^ You should totally go check it out!! There's a main page and a bio page for each of us, though not all of us have bios up yet. GO CHECK IT OUT :D :D :D

We found the perfect page setup and are really proud of it! I know it's not much yet, but it will be slowly updated and improved as the weeks go on!!


Getting Ready Early!

Punk GOTH & Drunk

So we three, Punk-chan, Drunk-chan, and I, are starting now, this very week, so that we will have as much work as possible ready by the time ACEN actually arrives ^___^ Which means when we're between classes, and not at work, and such, we will be spending our free time sketching and painting and designing.....!!

As I get things ready, I may put some of my better work up here for you all to see :D Also, I think we will each be drawing a pic of us three in our Punk GOTH & Drunk outfits, which I will DEFINITELY post up here when they are finished!! I hope you will enjoy them ^__^

For our booth, I am in charge of drawing goth-loli girls! I will be drawing my own characters and several popular female characters in fantastic goth-loli outfits as well as kimonos and possibly swimsuits. Yes, I am a girl, and no, I'm not into yuri, but I cannot draw guys to save my life! So I will draw pretty girls to entice people to come to our booth and stare at the cuteness! ahahaha it's going tobe interesting!

I think it will be great practice for me, though, because these outfits will need to be very dark and VERY DETAILED, which I will have to work on. All the little goth charms and crosses and trinkets, all the kimono patterns and whatnot...though cute swimsuits I can always design! ^___^ I am looking forward to working hard and making great things! I hope you all will enjoy the ones I post up here, and come see us if you live in the area!

Punk GOTH(loli) Drunk <3

Ahh, I figured out how to send this!! (for now. i'll probably get lost again and forget...haha!)

Soooo....Punk, GOTH(loli), and Drunk....what on earth is that, you are probably wondering ^___^ Well, about that! Here, in my first post, I shall explain the insanity that is PUNK GOTH(loli) & DRUNK <3 !!


A couple of days ago, my friend Ria-chan and I were sitting around the college doing our JPN hw while waiting for Jen-chan to get outta her art class, and we were discussing ideas for our Art Alley booth for ACEN 2011.

For those of you who don't know, ACEN is short for Anime Central, Chicago's largest anime convention, held in the spring <3 An art alley booth is a booth that we, as amateur artists, get to purchase to present and sell our art legally at the convention! And they are very hard to come by cuz everyone wants to sell their work.

So, Ria-chan and I were discussing ideas for things we wanted to make for next ACEN, and randomly decided that if we had a booth, we ought to have costumes to go with it, to draw more attention! Which we thought was great tactic and great fun :D Sooo we started designing our personal fantasy outfits, that it, the costume we would most want to wear, that is most "ourself."

By the time Jen-chan got out of her class, we had both designed out outfits, and started explaining the whole deal to her. She started drawing her outfit, the only one she said she'd want to wear. Then she looked at my outfit, then Ria-chan's, looked back at her own, paused, and said,"Oh God...the punk, the goth, and the drunk!!" We all proceeded to nearly die laughing for a looong time before we caught out breath. That's when Ria-chan realized--it was PREFECT!!

You see, I designed this adorable little goth loli black dress with puffy sleeves and lace and bows and a tool skirt and lots of ribbons...Ria-chan designed a mostly black, fishnet and tall boots, very punk outfit...and Jen-chan picked a mini vest over a collared shirt with plaid pants--bartender!

And thus, "Punk GOTH(loli) & Drunk" !!! <3 <3 <3