A place to talk about Pullip and Dal dolls!
I'll be showcasing some pullips and dal dolls, including new and old ones alike.
So, enjoy the show!

Sugary Sweet Pullip

This one has no offical name, but my bfl, Kerrakku-chan informed me about her.
She really makes me want a lollipop...

This is Mir!

This is the newest pulip doll, Mir.
Isn't she so cool looking?!

This is CinnamaRoll!

This is the dal doll, CinnamaRoll, and ...I supose she's from an anime, but, oh well!
Okay, is SOO cute, huh!?

This is Tezca

This is the Dal doll, Tezca!
She enjoys scaring people, and in this picture, she isn't wearing her bunny hood, but, oh well!