Welcome friends,you've come to a world of beauty and mystery. In this world anything and everything is real,from angels to demons and zombies to vampires. Everything is real,but nothing is as it seems.

long time no speak

Hi there,it's been so long since i've posted in my world.I honestly do apologize,school isn't helping any especially with a hyperactive math teacher that's always positive.Anyways as a returning gift here is a music video from my favorite J-rock bands

Aristocrat's Symphony

Ranting and things that may or may not bother people

Chapter one is being delayed due to the lack of detail...and being completely covered in dr.pepper.sorry for those who looked forward to reading it. And in other news the owner of this world hates spring and summer because of celebrity weddings,they cover the news as if america has nothing better to do.Sadly these celeb people will have to die someday and there i'll be laughing at them (hey they deserve it for thinking they're better then everyone) of course that could just be me with my hatred of the world and practically everyone in it.My friends don't take offense to it,i mean the people i don't know,anyway my week is finally over so i can rest for three days then go back to boring as hell school,i think we can all agree that we hate it.Well,im going to lay in my bed and draw or write,night..or goodmorning...you get the point -__-'

Randomness,Story writing,and Boredom

Hiiii! :D
Nothing really much is happening in the life of XdrownXmeX,i swear i shall kill my biology teacher ._.
Anyways,Saturday or Sunday i'll post chapter one so theres something to look forward to i guess.Last night i killed an innocent soul,only because it terrified my friend,it was fun even if it was a grasshopper >_>.Did i mention i made it do a headstand?, it wasn't very cooperattive though,it was on it's head for a whole 3 seconds then it just..fell ._.
Well maybe i should stop talking since i pretty much talk to myself on here,i shall return! >:3

chapter one report ^_^

Sorry it's taking so long for me to put Chapter one up, im trying to make it good.Anyways, from the opinions from my friends they really like it so far,so yay! :3 I've actually gotten complaints about it though *le gasp! :0* all from religous people (no offense to those who are) but they were saying how messed up it is but oh well people like and some don't for those who don't then don't read it,it's that simple ._.


I feel kinda bad that i haven't posted in awhile,my birthday was sunday so yay i guess,i submitted a picture but it appears in Drafts.oh well,anyways I'm making a picture for my bf^^.I know he's a complete resident evil nerd so i thought he'd like a zombie,I named it Joker because it looks like it's smile or laughing hysterically^^',but i really hope he likes it(x3).i would've tried drawing Nemesis but he's to hard for me,plus im still learning.My friends got me a camera for my birthday,it's actually one of the only things that i liked getting,the rest was clothes and a game,but i still look forward to the other gifts^^,enough about me how was everyone elses day and or weekend?