Happy Birthday to ME!

So today, June 12th, I turn 20 years old! Goodbye teenager-dom. Goodbye last trace of my childhood. You served me well.


To tide people while I work on the rest of the Battles!, I have created this video!

This is a 6ish minute video of the coloring process for MARIA vs MAURA , for anyone who was curious as to how I color. The program I'm using is GIMP.


I really did intend to get more BATTLES! drawn this weekend, but homework and productions sort of killed that.

Well, next week is Spring Break, so I should get some done then....

Livestream 2-19-12

I'm about to start livestreaming. I'm going to be finishing up the latest PGR BATTLES! picture.

Feel free to stop by.

5:26PM EST

Starting a new PGR project...

About halfway through the first part of this project.

Hopefully, this will be epic.

**crosses fingers**