Hiya! Welcome to my project world! I'll be posting WIP pictures, storylines, outlines, etc here! This is the only place you will find future projects! You can read the storylines and outlines of my upcoming mangas and stories and see if you are interested in any.

I would love feedback from all of you for everything I post. It would help me as a designer and creator. I love hearing from you. Enjoy!

opinion please :)

So, I'm thinking about doing a couple of Kingdom Hearts projects!!!

So, one is going to include:

1) All the Heartless from KH 1.


2) Possibly include all the bosses(heartless) from KH 1

And the other is going to include:

1) All the Heartless from KH2


2) All the nobodies(not the Organization)


3) All the bosses(heartless) from KH2

Whatcha think?

100 Themes

Here is a list of 100 themes. From now to December 31st I am going to draw each and every one of them. I think that's some good practice for a while. Will link the finished theme. 1. ...

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Background and Behind LWLAM

Life with Love and Magic is my largest manga. I began the manga back in 2004. Then in 2007 I revamped it and extended it. Now I am revamping once more digitally using Manga Studio Debut 4. The manga was only five chapters long, all focused on six characters at three different ages.

LWLAM takes place on a fictional island that was once one powerful country. This island was sheltered from all maps using special technology built by the country. Over time this "perfect" country fell into civil war and was split into two countries, Kiona and Rion. The people residing each country began to change and evolve, taking their own shape. Dispite external differences, they still shared the same traditions. The Kionites and Rionites signed a treaty of peace, as long as neither of the citizens set foot on the opposite's land.

As the years passed, and their power grew, people crossed in disguise. Often they were caught and banished. Some were lucky and started families.

LWLAM is about two seperate families, one Kionite, one Rionite. Their parents taught them to that everyone is equal. They showed them the good and bad side of each race, which revealed to them that the seperation was a mistake. The two families met at a common ground in the United States and fell in love at first sight, even though the Rionite family were disguised as Kionites. Back on their home island, their love grew and grew. Even after the revealed fact that the Rionite family was indeed Rionites, they still stayed and began the fight of the lifetime...To fight for their love and bring the two countries back together again.

I hope you like the storyline that I have revealed. If you want to know more or see how it ends, please do not hesitate to read it. Updates are sometimes slow, but soon it will be completed. Please enjoy.