Hiya! Welcome to my project world! I'll be posting WIP pictures, storylines, outlines, etc here! This is the only place you will find future projects! You can read the storylines and outlines of my upcoming mangas and stories and see if you are interested in any.

I would love feedback from all of you for everything I post. It would help me as a designer and creator. I love hearing from you. Enjoy!


Heh This is a request from my wonderful boyfriend ^/////////^

Rainbow Brite WIP


Chibi WIP

80 chibis <3 all are mine, three of which derives from an existing media. Just skeleton sketches.

Heartless project Part 1 WIP

External Image

How is it so far? This is all of the heartless and heartless bosses from the first Kingdom Hearts.

New Intoxication Cover WIP

So, before I continue, Here is a filled in skeleton sketch of the new Intoxication Cover. What do you think?