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Welcome Ladies and Gentleman,

It is truly and honor to have you here within my headquarters. My name is Tamaki Suoh and its a pleasure to make your acquainance. I do hope you enjoy your time here with me because every moment you are with me, well, its very much undescribeble and beautiful. Nevertheless, I am interested in learning more about you lovely young ladies and my dear hosts. Please feel free to private message me and of coarse I don't mind what it details. I welcome you all with open arms and my blessing.

I found it very interesting to join another host club, but when I heard the twins were here, I just had to come. I can't let them get the best of me. Anyway, if you are looking for the perfect host, believe me I am your perfect host because I am the prince type. I promise you will have fun with me. Either way, I thank you for even considering me and respect your loveliness as well. Please enjoy and always do remember to come again.

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My Birthday

First and foremost my lovely ladies,

*cries out of happiness* THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE GIFTS AND PMS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! I feel so love....but of course I am loved...I mean I am the president of the host club so of course I am, though my fellow subjects have yet to wish me a birthday. Dear me, I am getting old. *sighs*

Again thank you too all that remembered and I apologize for not being here my lovely princess, it is due to school so this is also a post to let you know I will do my best to PM you once again however my next update will most likely not be till late May since that is when I shall be done with school. My sincerest apologies. *bows*

Nevertheless, I will probably do an update on the main site before then showing you my promotions since I will need to do another very soon. Again I love you all and good luck in the future. Until we me again my princesses, good day.


Happy Valentine's Day

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Jour de Valentines heureux mes belles dames! *smiles* I am so happy you made it my lovelies, *bows* and again Happy Valentines Day if you did not understand my loves. I am so happy you have made it to come see me and I have prepared the best sweets for you directly from France *steps to the side and reveals 18 box hearts with chocolates* Each of you are deserving of this because you all have captured my hearts, and I do know that you must like chocolate since I am aware that commoners do enjoy it.

I have made a few changes such as my icon and a few things that I will later tell you about so I hope you approve of them since I have been gone for a while but I am alright thanks to the support and love from all of you. *bows* I am grateful for all of your support and it has made me a better man. *smiles and tilts head*

Now it has been a long time but I am going to do a promotion for all my lovely fan girls and you are deserving of it my princesses so I would like to introduce you to a few new fan girls of mine,


xNotUnderstood – I am looking forward to getting to know you a bit more.

EmoVampireRiska – Haha, you are very sweet and seem rather interesting and I believe our relationship will bloom like a flower in do time.

ReiKiba – You are a feisty one are you not? I believe you and I have already clicked and I am looking forward to talking to you more.

And now for the promotions for my lovely fan girls that have stayed by my side through thick and thin.

#1 Fans –

Maria Carlotta

*To all the ladies above, I haven’t heard from you so please PM me so we can chat. I am not feeling any love from you and dearly it breaks my heart *flings hair*

But nonetheless, I am even more excited about the following updates:

Acquaintance –

twilight samurai – You tease me way to much love, I am very fragile so please be kinder, even with that said, I am honored to be your host and enjoy being with you every second we have been together. Keep smiling like you have because you are my sunshine my dear. You know how to brighten me up, and drag me back to the site by a leash. T^T

KC Inoue – Where to begin with you? You are just as blonde as I am but somehow you seem to outwit me. *pouts* Daddy doesn’t like that, but when we do go on a date, well its never boring that is for sure!

Friends –

clueless101 – My doll, and the one who comes for advice. I am so honored that I can help you when I can and I do hope I am some help to you when you come to me. I am so much in love with you my dear princess and I do hope we can further our relations. Could you ever help me with relations sometime?

kitabug69 – Mon ange, everything we have done together on our dates on skype or when I simply talk to you through a PM, you are making this man fall head over heals in love and I sincerely mean that from my heart my dear Kita. You are a princess and have captured my heart in a special way, but if I tell you, you surely might blackmail me with it like Momma does. *scared* So keep being yourself, I am so blessed to have you love.

That will be my promotions for Valentine’s Day my princesses. I also have another gift for you. I have created a world just for you princesses and that is my new world Princess Realm which is my world for you to update pictures of me, fanarts, wallpapers, or ecards of myself on there that are dedicated to me from yourself and letters or notes to myself so please feel free to update as much as possible because this will also be playing on your next promotion. I just wish to see more love towards me my princesses!

Lastly, my last and final announcement…I WANT TO HOLD A CONTEST! *fist pumps in the air* Yes, brilliant idea, alright so what I want you to do is create some form of artwork (fanart, wallpaper, ecard, etc…) and have it Tamaki themed just for me. You can do anything you like and you will have one month. My prizes are also one of a kind and you won’t get this from any other host because, well, I am the original leader of this club and the best host EVER! *smiles and laughs* Yes yes we know it’s true but anyway the prizes are as followed:

1st – Go up two spots in promotion and special gift
2nd – Go up one spot in promotion and special gift
3rd – Go up one spot in promotion

I think this is pretty fitting for my loves so this gives a chance for newcomers to get caught up to my lovely ongoing hosts.

*hands you all box of chocolates and kisses each of your cheeks* Again, thanks for coming my lovely princesses and Happy Valentine’s Day. I am so happy to have you all as my valentine and I humbly accept your love.

Until we meet again my dears,
Au revoir
Prince Tamaki

I Have Returned

Good Morning my beautiful ladies! It's a pleasure to see you all on this well, cold and chilly morning, but never fear because I Tamaki am here to cuddle and keep you warm. Yup, you guessed it, without any further a do, I am here to announc...

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Sad News

*sits down and chair and cross hands in lap* I think it very inappropriate of people to talk about certain people behind their backs, however, I am posting tonight because I have heard many untrue rumors about myself and a fellow host. I ha...

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Hello, my Prince *smiles* A gift for you... I hope you like it. I did not want to post any old random image of you. So I did one better...

Merry Christmas *bows*

Clicking the Image will get anyone else to the Wallie this banner was made from.