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A Royal and Realm for young for female princesses of Tamaki Suoh. This Ballroom is dedicated to all the wonderful and beautiful princesses to update artwork, wallpapers, and ecards of Tamaki or to him along with a message to him. Tamaki Suoh, will respond to those messages in his headquarters.

If you wish to be appreciated like many young women and become a fan girl of the Prince, Tamaki, please PM him. This site is dedicated to build new relations with other princesses so please enjoy. If the crown fits, where it!

Entry for the Contest

Here is my entry for your contest my Prince. I do hope you like it. It took me some time and a little advice from a good friend to get it to look this good. *smiles* But then again your in the wallie so it would look good no matter what *giggles*

Your Juliet,

*clicking the image will take you to the original*

Oh Baby Please

Oh Baby please,don't be sad.
Don't worry about the littler things,
Don't worry about the bigger things.

Oh baby please,be happy.
Your loved now!
Always have,always will be.

Oh baby,I love you!

(words by me)
Don't ask me why i wrote that,i just kinda felt like it...felt like writing a "poem" or so "Lyrics".


My Prince

*dreamy look in eyes* I await the day he plays for me. I can only imagine the beauty that my Prince can produce with such a beautiful instrument... How I do love the sound of the piano…

Hope you enjoy the image my Prince…

Your Juliet,

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