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Ok then so I've had this idea brewing in my head for a while now. You see one day I randomly went to OnDemand and went to the anime selects and they had a category there called Fantastic Children and I read the info for it and I went hmm... "sounds like Children Of The Corn or something" and when I saw it that was the vibe I got but that was only at first. After seeing more and more of it I realized it was definitely it's own thing. Anyways after checking if there was any categories for it I was disappointed to see there was none. Well, in order to do so you need to suggest one right? Well, in order to do that you need to have submissions. SO that's where I got the idea for a:

Challenging Contest!

You see I don't think just me alone will convince that a whole category will be needed so I need your help. First off get to know the show read up on it, watch clips, watch it OnDemand like me, however you need to get more familiar with it. Then, get creating! It doesn't matter what it is: fan-art, e-cards, wallpapers, fan-words, even quizzes as long as you submit something. You see this is about Fantastic Children so I decided not to restrain people on whatever their strengths are. Ok as for the contest part what I and perhaps some others if they're willing are going to be judging on is the passion in your submission how much did you show that you are a fan or interested in the anime and telling others about it? We'll also be looking at number of submissions but if you're like "gees, I don't want to be submitting a whole bunch of things for a contest" well, don't worry you don't have to matter of fact it might just be won by a person with just one submission that one submission might just show a lot of passion and capture the spirit of the show. However I'd look at the numbers part because it says something about passion to me.

My goal for this contest? To have more people who may like this show be open to it and see what they can do either as fans or what they do because they were inspired. So really this challenge/contest or challenging contest is about the other people who will be seeing the submissions and not part of the contest than the actual participants.

What do participants get? Well, if people want to help out in organizing this tell me, or if you want to help judge, or have thoughts about or want to donate a prize tell me.

Well, maybe I should show something from the show so... this is the opening song for the show.

and why not this too?