New 52 Superman

Today, the new issue of Superman, Superman #1, came out in stores and on the DC app digitally (boasting on the app that it's the same day as print). I bought this issue off of the DC app for iOS for 3 dollars. My dad remembers back in the 70s when comics were a dime and you could get 3 comics for 20 cents, those were the days eh?

The rebooted Superman starts off with the Daily Planet being sold to a big corporation and Lois Lane receiving a promotion. There's a lot of talk about the death of printand I was reading this on my iPod... ♬irony♬, and Clark and Lois arguing about the Daily Planet's new owners. Without spoilers the comic has some terrorists, which leads up to a fight with an alien fire monster, and after the fight an ending that'll make you feel for Clark Kent.

There's a bit of comedy in this new version of Superman, some parts had me cracking up. This first issue of Superman also has something building up, it'll definitely want you to read the upcoming issues to find out why that fire monster showed up and the truth behind the new Daily Planet. There's also references in the dialogue to the old 40s cartoon. You'll see parts of the phrase "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!" through the comic. You'll also see "look up in the sky" in there too. Those are nice things to add in, it really makes it feel like a new start for Superman, which it is.