So among this chaotic year I gained 16 pounds and I felt like the ugliest thing in the world. School just wouldn't stop stressing me, the dogs were driving me nuts, and I severely missed Angelica when she worked offshore. But this past month and a half I started working out everyday for 45-60 minutes then swimming right after along with eating healthy. I've lost a total of 13 pounds and have the body I so badly missed!! :.) I have one of those fitness pals and lord does it put the amount of food I eat in perspective.

So when Angelica comes home today I'm gonna surprise her so bad :D gah I'm so proud of myself I haven't felt this good since my senior year of high school.

Everyday Workout Includes:
Running 1 mile on treadmill
Eliptical for 1 mile with and average of 8 resistance
Bicycling for 1 mile with a 10 resistance
Weight lifting for 4 sets of 10 each
Knee weight lifting 30 pounds for 2 sets of 10 each
Ab workout by lifting leg to hip level for 1 set.
Swimming an hour