This is what happens...

...when I join a new website. The first few days I run around meeting people and going "lol" in their faces, then I start becoming more lazy as the week moves on... And then a week later I regret being lazy because I have 456321485132 messages to catch up on.

Hi, everybody, I'm here to update on... uh, things? Because a blog thingie is where you post stuff about yourself, as far as I know. If I'm blogging wrong, let me know... I guess.


Life Stuff

So, uh, let's talk about a little something that I like to call Adventures With the Youth Orchestra. For the past couple of years, I've had problems feeling like I was part of the actual organization, for a number of reasons. First of all, as a harpist, you're usually all by yourself, instrument-wise; there's no other harpist to back you up at all. Because of that, you don't really get to socialize with anybody - the harp is usually at the back of the room, next to the (REALLY LOUD) trumpets or in front of the (EVEN LOUDER) percussion section. Second of all, the group I'm part of isn't well-organized at all, and they always have a hard time getting me registered and whatnot because, well, I'm a ~harpist~ and I'm supposedly more difficult to deal with than anyone else.

This year's different, though. For whatever reason, everyone just seems... less intimidating, and more friendly and supportive. o_O I've even made... dare I say it... a couple of acquaintances? I still don't know their names yet, but they're cool people.

We're performing some wonderful music, too. I'm really excited for our concert in a couple of months, actually. The best part is that the harp part isn't hard at all, so I don't have to fret like I did for our last performance (oh god that music was so hard. So so so hard wah).

I had a rehearsal with them yesterday, actually, and we played through this. It's not a hard piece of music, but I hadn't practiced it much up until this week. Even then, I managed to nail it, which really pleased me. :D
...I was kind of disappointed the cute flutist was late to rehearsal and I didn't get to show off to her, but whatever. >>;

It shall be a good concert~


Art Stuff

So, uh, I have one birthday present to do, but after that I should be able to focus on original character designs and that comic I keep talking about. I already have a few pieces of artwork that I want to start once I'm done with my friend's present, so I guess you should/could look forward to that?
Uh, if I ever finish uploading all my older work here, first...

Speaking of characters and comics, I may just start that blog for my upcoming story/comic/thing soon. Maybe tonight, even, if I can get enough work done.


Thanks for reading, folks.

Welcome to the Land of the Potatoes

I've never written for a blog before. I'm not even completely sure of what a blog is, either. From my understanding, you just post whatever you feel like in one?
'Cause, if that's the case, then get ready, folks.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Dragon. Why Dragon? Well, let's just say that I feel uncomfortable using my real name online. So I get to use a dorky nickname instead.
I like many things. Many interesting things, yes, like creating OCs, roleplaying, drawing, dancing like an idiot, flying, saving the world, and potatoes.

So, now that you know about me, I guess I'll start writing about stuff, right?
Without further ado, I bring you... all the random crap that I feel like talking about. YAY. Plus, I think I'm going to try and promote my upcoming comic through this place, so if you're interested in that, scroll to the bottom and I'll talk about it a bit~

Boring Life Stuff

My life has been slightly dull for the past couple of months. If you exclude Christmas, I've hardly done anything really interesting. It's kind of sad, since I don't have anyone to do anything with anymore. My two friends moved out of state, and since then, I haven't had any friends within 200 miles of where I live. xD
I've been plenty busy on the computer, with artwork and writing and whatnot, but it still feels like something's missing. What do you guys do for fun that doesn't involve the computer? How do you like to spend your time, when you're all alone? Do share some of your favorite activities~ ... If you're willing. xD

Comic Stuff

So, yeah. I've been thinking about keeping a blog about my comic and its progress for a while, so I may just do that (though not in this blog, I'll create a new one; for now I'll just update here). I'd like to bring to your attention a project I've been working on for about a year and a half. It's a comic series, involving my original characters and an original plot. I'll give you a summary right here:

Set in a world with technology similar to America in the 1980s, the two most prominent nations are at war, one of which being on the brink of harnessing nuclear power, and wielding a nuclear bomb. When Jun, a rebellious fifteen-year-old girl, is separated from her family after her hometown is bombed, she becomes caught up in an adventure of a lifetime. With Malcolm, an illiterate pilot, Aran, a heartbroken escapee of a concentration camp, Luka, an energetic ex-soldier, and Rin, the daughter of a government official, the five will set out to reunite with their loved ones. And, while they're at it, they may just end up saving the world from a corrupt government, and the destructive power of the nuclear bomb.

Oooooh, sounds interesting, right? I hope so, I'm actually quite proud of what I've done so far. If you're interested in my little story and would like to see its development, I suppose you could subscribe to me. I'd actually really appreciate it, since it'd be so much fun to draw a comic and have people... you know, care about it? xD It's not necessary, of course, I'm just suggesting it. I'll post them even if nobody subscribes, so~
I'm not close to actually drawing the comic right now, but I'm working on character references and sub-plots to tie everything together. Like I said, that may go into a separate blog here on TheOtaku.


Whoa, that's a lot of blabber. Alright, I guess I've said enough. Quite a lot for a first post, right?

Dragon out. Whoop!