Questions! Answers! YEAH!!

..I'm doing Infinitelove42's tag question thing! YAYNESS! In other news, I'm running out of titles for these things...for those of you who don't understand this one:
..I still don't know how to link a video into these things. Just highlight it and select "open in new tab." Thank youu~ I promise, it's worth it!

1.What is one place that you want to go to the for fun of it?
Hmm...I'm college visiting at Princeton next weekend! Is it lame that I think that's fun? XD SO lame.
2.Where is the nearest Starbucks?
..I honestly have NO idea...I don't drink coffee, or anything caffeinated, so I've only been to Starbucks, like, twice.
3.Reach out your right arm to the left... what did you get?
"Ninety Miles LIVE at Cubadisco" CD. My dad reviews music, LOL.
4.What are you planning on doing for halloween?
I'm going Trick or Treating(or as we call it, "Neighborhood Fall Candy Walk,) tomorrow with my little cousin! We are both dressing up as Ariel, so it should be fun.
5.Do you like to sing Karaoke?
LOVE it! I am not a good singer, but it's so much fun : )
6.What was your favorite game to play as a child?
My friends and I liked to pretend we were TV characters XD I think that was probably my favorite.
7. Have you ever cried at the movies?
..Oddly enough, no. I really though I would cry when Dumbledore died, But I already knew it was gonna happen, so I didn't.
8. Fiction vs. Nonfiction?
It depends. I like nonfiction, like, reality stuff a lot, but fiction is fun, too!
9. If you could be an animal what would it be ?and why?
COW!! Because I love milk.
10. What would you for a Klandike bar?
Haha, not much. They're kind of expensive, and I like other icecream better.
11. What is something you look forward to between now and the end of the year?
Christmas!! I LOVE Christmas!