こんにち は! ともだち に なりましょう!
Hey friends! I am Ponyo. Feel free to check out my world and catch up with what's been going on with me lately! I rarely post, so I'm sorry about that(School, I tell you.)

I don't really draw quite so much anymore, so if you're looking for innovative artwork, I'm not the best one to check out for that anymore : ( Sorry to disappoint. But feel free to check out some of my old stuff! If you'd like to see something I've done recently, leave me a comment and maybe I'll be motivated to add something, haha.

I'm an OCCASIONAL guest poster on Offbeat Mama(despite not being a Mom-SKILLS), so check me out there, too! If you ask, I can give you my name on there, and link you to a post.

Feel free to comment and talk to me! I love making new friends. そして, 日本ご を はなします から, いっしょう に はなしましょう ね!


Hello, friends! So-o, people have been doing this "10 free sketches whoo!" Thing lately, and I was like, "Oh, that sounds amusing", so I'm going to try it out! As I don't have all that many people following me(subscribes to me..? Not so sure how we refer to that, but oh well), I'm assuming I most likely will not get to 10, but if you want a sketch, let me know, and I will do my best! I legitamatley sketch, I prefer my pencil drawings to my color. I can draw whatever or whomever you want! Check out my sketches to see my crazy style! I haven't posted anything too recently, I think my Secret Santa may be my most recent one. So yes. If you are interested, please let me know in the comments!

Hairstyles, Conventions, and Cosplay, Oh My!

Hey friends! How are you? So, I am super psyched, because I am hanging out with Harukafrenzy(C C C) this weekend! She emailed me the other day and said she wants to do my hair like Usagi chan from Sailor Moon! I do my hair like Sailor Moon sometimes, but I'm sure when she does it it'll look super epic and professional. When I do it, it looks all right, but not exactly like on the TV show, but Haruka chi is very good at those sorts of things, so I bet I'll look pretty beast : ) LOL.
In other news, my cousin(iamEssance) and I have kind of jokingly been discussing going to a con over the summer for the past few days, but all jokes aside, I think it would be really fun! SO-which conventions do you recommend? I'm looking for names of ones you have been to and enjoyed! Or have heard are good. We are thinking about Otacon, but in all honesty, I have NOOO idea how much these things cost. And Otacon is a pretty big one, isn't it? Like, popular? So I image it'll be rather pricy...I don't know. Also, what do you recommend doing at a Con? Like, I know you cosplay(<3), but what else do you do? LOL, I'm seriously so clueless. My friends have gone to them, but I have never been. Also, what do you recommend as the "must see" things at a con? Also, keeping in mind that I am an innocent little Anabaptist girl who doesn't want to see anything sketchy, what do you recommend avoiding? I appreciate your input! Seriously, I need your help, LOL, I'm totally clueless, but In would love to take my cousin.
Directly at iamEssance: LOL, do you actually wanna go? Also, do you think you mom would wanna go with us? I'm scared if my mom takes us, she'll never let me read Manga again 0.o Haha, I'm so not kidding.
So, I would appreciate your input! If you know any otakuites who cosplay or go to cons, could you link them to my world to give me input? Thanks : )
EDIT: Oh my gracious, this post in incomprehensible and random. I'm sorry! It has been a long week, and I am worn out. Please ask me if you're lost.


Hola, friends! So yes. I have midterms. I've taken 2, and I have 3 to go. So, if you think of it, please pray for me!!

Himitsu no Santa san e

Hello, friends! So I know I haven't posted anything in forever..or written in my world in forever..or done anything, really..but I assure you all, I am still alive! Just VERY busy. School is in full swing, my teachers keep assigning papers, projects, and whatever else they can think of, and I have been rather on the busy side. BUT-I am here today for a very special purpose! I'm writing my Secret Santa List! So here goes,
ひみつ の サンタ さん へ,
Hello, Secret Santa! Thank you so much for doing this for me. You are a very kind person!

1.If you like to draw people's characters, I'd love to see you draw 2 of my favorite OC's Yuki and Goku! I have a SUPER old picture of them that I will link you you here~ http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/354384/ai_ga_daijyobu%2521
And I am planning to post one I drew yesterday, probably with a title in Japanese(ベイビー, そと は さむい! ). So keep your eyes peeled like oranges, hopefully it's coming! Yuki and Goku are a couple, so if you like to draw cute couple pictures, that would be cool. They are both 15, and if you like to draw in color, they're both pretty pale. Yuki has dark brown hair, and Goku has hair the same color as Akito from "Kodocha!" So yeah.

2.My other OC's are from some yonkoma I'm working on called "The Twins, The Freakshow, and Erin." The characters: Erin, 12, Erin Anna, 15, Laura, 15, and Ben, 13. More reference pictures are coming, hopefully, but the only picture I currently have up is of Erin And Erin Anna(who is one of the "Twins".), which is here: http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/369522/erin_and_erin
So, as far as colors go: all 4 children are very pale, Erin has blonde hair, Erin Anna has Dark brown hair, Ben is a blonde, and Laura's is a dirty blonde/honey color.

3.If you like to draw big families, that's cool, too. I LOVE kids, so if you draw me a picture of a big family with lots of kids, I'm sure I'd be happy LOL.

If all else fails, feel free to just draw me a Christmas picture! I'm pretty easy to please, so anything you do I'll probably be happy with! If you don't like any of my options, pleas email the girl in charge and I'm sure she'll sort everything out for us. Good luck, and happy drawing! Thanks again < 3


Hello, friends! So Miss Kaidafaye(sorry if I spelled that wrong) tagged me, and although I already did the whol tagging thingie before, I wanted to answer her questions. So here we go!
1.Favourite food?
I would say milk, but as milk isn't a good, I'm gonna go with strawberries!
2.Childhood hero?
Ummm, I'm not sure. Maybe Carmen from Spy Kids?
3.What got you into anime/manga?
When I was about 6, I picked up a Tokyo Mew Mew book at the library and LOVED IT instantly.
4.Do you draw?
All the time! I LOVE to draw.
5.Can you cook?
Haha, not very well. I made Neapolitan spaghetti yesterday, though! And it wasn't terrible!
6.What do you want to be when you grow up? (Seriously)
I would like to be either a manga artist(I like to do yonkoma : )) or a preschool teacher. We'll see what happens LOL.
7.Can you drive yet? Because I can't.
No, I've chosen not to drive for the safety of other people. LOL. I just spoace out so often.
8.Can you ride a bike and when did you learn? Because I can't do that either...
Yes! I learned to ride without training wheels when I was about..7? I don't really like to bike, though. My Dad is a biking FANATIC, on the other hand.
9.Besides Japanese, what language do you wish you could speak?
I already can speak Japanese! And if not Japanese..Bengali, maybe? Or Hebrew.
10.Are you a math or language/English person?
I think I enjoy both equally. I'm a little better at English, though.
11.What would your super power be? (Not want, WOULD. What fits you best?)
Ano..something to do with colors. Or brightness. Something to that effect LOL.