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Sapphire: Me
May/Haruka: AiMoriChan
Ash/Satoshi: CloudBerry
Misty/Kasumi: JanetChan
N: Team Plasma N
Dawn/Hikari: Blysse
Brock/Takeshi: AlexaClyne
Gary/Shigeru: winterlionheart
Vaporeon(lol): Pulver15

The Ladies Man

It would seem I didn't get to introduce myself. My name is Brock, and I aim to become a top Pokemon Breeder! I'm also the Pewter City Gym Leader, with Rock Pokemon as my specialty. And all the beautiful babes goes to my little Blue book! <33 *clears throat* Well, I've come a long way ever since I joined Ash and Misty on their journey, but I still have a lot to learn. :)


why a cat tail and ears...? >///<
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Oh, ash?

It looks like you upset your girlfriend, what can you do right, really?


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looks like i feel O.o again.... -May


Are you sure this was safe?