Villager Kiilfe

Name: Kiilfe (Ki, Kee, Fee)

Age: 19

Gender: Bigender

Pokemon: Klefki


Nature: Jolly

Height: 5'8

Build: Lanky yet somewhat fit

Birthday: October 12

Appearance: Kiilfe is slightly pale. His/Her build is kind of short, thin yet fit and healthy. His/her Eyes are kind of round with dark black lashes, Pink irises. Right side of his/her head is shaved with a small tuff of hair next to his/her ear and gets long on the right side. Her/his hair COLOR is a medium ish gray with a pink strip. Both eyebrows are sharp arches with the ends split. He/she has a Beauty mark that was tattooed over to make a keyhole on the right side along with a nose ring on the same side. Double pierced on each ear on top. A small oval marking is on his/her forehead.

Home town: Lost HOTEL NEAR Dendemille Town

Personality: Kiilfe is a very happy normal kind of person. Very optimistic and a go getter. Nothing ever brings him/her down unless you crush his/her dreams of becoming a model or designer. Kiilfe is an achiever and does anything to get to the finish line(but never cheats). He/she will always take on a challenge because it is fun to him/her and believes it will only help him/her to become a better person. He/She is a very accepting person and accepts and loves everyone by who the are or whom they want to be. He/she can be a little sassy to people and is not afraid to go off on someone in public or at work.

History: Kiilfe never had a wonderful childhood. There were issues for him/her to go through as a child but they didnt shape his/her life. Kiilfe was born a male and loves being manly and accepts his/her gender but also likes being feminine and enjoying some of the girly aspects in life. After a few years of debating with him/herself, he/she came out to his grandparents about it(who were his legal guardians after a few issues in his/her childhood.) His grandparents were shocked at first that he/she picked to be both, but didnt hate him for it, they actually helped him/her with it.

Job: Part-time LOCKSMITH and Parttime cloth store worker

Likes: Fashion, cute things, manly things, achieving new goals
Dislikes: Ugly things/people, cheaters

Fun Facts:
-he/she collects keys and often wears them on a keyring
-Kiilfe loves getting nicknames and having a different one from each person he/she meets.
-He/she won't get upset if you call him/her by the pronoun that he/she isnt on that day (say if Kiilfe was feeling feminine and you call him/her by male pronounds, He/she won't get upset or correct you.)
-Kiilfe's sexuality is still a mystery to him/herself and doesnt know what to identify as in that field and is still trying to figure it out.
-He/She believes in equality for everyone

Draining kiss, Metal sound, Mirror shot, PSYCHIC, Fairy wind