Jack and Jill

This is an entry for a contest. This is my favorite nursery rhyme and this is my personal Pokemon version of it. *giggles* (In truth, it could be better, but the challenge creator put so many things that need to be in it that I had to make it like this.)

Jack and Jill were sitting in the kitchen bored. The two siblings had gotten grounded again for fighting. You see, they dont get along so well. It's just like thier hair colors, their opposite(Jill has white hair and Jack has black hair). Jill was so bored she went and got into the pantry and pulled out a jar of penut butter, a jar of jelly, and a jar of mayo. She threw then into one big ball and aimed at Jack who had fallen asleep at the kitchen counter. She threw it and it went into his mouth that had been wide open and drooling. He jumped up chocking. "Jack!" Jill shouted when she realized what was happening. "We gotta get you some water to wash it down! Come on, to the well!" she shouted as she pulled him outside. She may not like her brother, but she sure as heck didn't want him to die! They ran past the town statue that was made of concrete and held together by duct-tape, and had graffiti all over it including one that said, 'I love Ume' whoever that was. They ran past Kenny Markenson, Jack's rival/friend who was drawing on the perfume shop's sign with a sharpie marker because he hates perfume. They ran past little Sussie Muffet sitting on a tuffet and screaming in fear of a spinarak. They ran past Old Mother Hubbard who was saying, "Thats my dog!" as she watched her dog dance. They ran past little Mary playing with her Mareep and a voodoo doll that looked like Sussie Muffet. They ran past the graveyard and Humpty Dumpty coming back from the grave AGAIN(he died in a fall and keeps coming back no matter how many times he dies). They ran past a Pikachu eating bacon, pickles, and apples. They ran past Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy Turner, playing with a toy Poochena named Spiffy. Finally after passing ALL of that they made it to the hill. When there Jill pulled up a pale of water and Jack drunk it. When he was done and feeling better Jill said, "And the morol of this is to never sleep with you mouth wide open." She then laughed and took off running with Jack running after her. He tripped while chasing him though and started to fall down the hill. He ran into Jill who started to tumble with him.