Embarressing moments

Ok, so I entered another fan word contest that wants me to tell one of my most embarrassing moments. Well, I have a few of them. Here goes.

When I was in sixth grade I was in a rush to get to the bus, but I had to go to the bathroom badly. I ran into the bathroom only to see a boy(thank god he was covered) and ran out as fast as I could, because I realized I had entered the boys restroom.

When I was playing hide and seek with my cousins I hid in the bathtub of the bathroom. While hiding I heard someone come in, use the bathroom, and leave. I didnt leave my place the whole time and I made sure I didnt look up.

One day I was riding my bike on the road when I came to a steep hill. While going down I thought I was going too fast so I pulled the front break. It stopped and I went flying over the handlebars onto the cemment. The bike landed on my legs. I dragged myself and the bike to the side of the road so that we wouldnt get hit by a car.

I was in english class one day and we took a spelling test. I was in a rush to get back to a book I was reading so I went through it fast. Big mistake. While grading the tests later in class, the teacher took one look at mine and gave it back to me. When I asked what was wrong with it, she said that until I learned how to spell the word Spelling she wasnt going to grade my tests. I wondered what she ment so I looked down and noticed when writing the title to my test (the title is Spelling Test) I had left out one of the L's in spelling in my rush.

I was with my friend one day when she was running around causing trouble(spitting on schools, destroying snow piles, ect.) so I tried to calm her down. I grabbed ahold of her shoulders while she was running and ran along behind her trying to stop her. While running my long skirt fell down a bit and I tripped on it. Since I hadnt let go of her I wound up getting dragged across the cement.