Remembering Light Yagami

This man is supposed to be one of the common police officers. I did this for a fan word contest. In truth im not a big Death Note fan. I have seen every episode of the show before though, and the story was good enough that the main character deserved this. I hope you like it. ^_^

I remember Light Yagami. I was just a new recruit for the police squad when we first brought him in under suspicion of being Kira. I didn’t know what to think. He was so calm, smart, and...normal. I didn’t know weather or not to believe he was Kira. He didn’t seem like it. Even after he was proven innocent he seemed to be different from the other suspects, but he still didn’t seem like Kira. Now that I know that he really was Kira, its scary. It proves that anyone, no matter how innocent they look, can have a heart of pure evil. I wonder if there is anyone like him, with such atrocious abilities, left out there in the world. If so, god help us all.