Bonds of the Worlds

Sorry that its not pokemon but I thought you would like it.

Marble Warp

Its 1853. An 11 year old boy in London England was on the streets. He was a gambler. The game was marbles. Shooting marbles, finding a marble in a cup, he knew it all. He was so swift at the hand and so precise in aiming that he never lost. His pet squirrel Jimmy and him were always working together to get better at playing marbles. Jimmy was better than most of the humans in town on his own, much less what the boy could do. One day he was playing against an adult for a full 100 pounds. This would be enough to double what they had saved up and keep them fed for months. They won like always, but the adult then did something drastic. “You cheated!” he shouted. Everyone stared. The boy was shocked, he had never been accused of this before.
“I am no cheater. Prove it if you think so.” said the boy harshly.
“I don’t know how you cheated but I’m the top marble player in the country! There is no way you could have won fairly!” shouted the man.
“I played fairly and with just that you have no right to accuse me of cheating. This is a proper gambling area of town. You bet that much not expecting to lose because you’re a champion? Well, this is gambling so if you lose you pay.” said the boy.
“No way! I’m not paying some snot nosed punk like you!” he shouted. At that moment a huge shadow gleamed over him. He looked behind him to see an 11 year old girl in long brown overall and a dirty white shirt. She looked exactly like the boy except his hair was short brown while hers was long brown and braided into ponytails, they both had gray eye’s. The man looked angrily at her and said, “What squirt?”
“If you don’t pay him ill make you pay. It tis wrong to gamble and not pay up on your end of the bargain.” said the girl.
“Gerta don’t. Its fine. I can always win another game.” said the boy.
“No way Grady. You bet your entire years food money on this bet. I’m not letting him out without paying you. It tis only fair.” said Gerta.
“Fine but please don’t hurt him.” said Grady.
“Her? Hurt me? I think you got that wrong boy.” said the man with an evil smirk and a chuckle. Gerta then grabbed him by the leg and flipped him over her back. Then she did a body slam on his head. She started punching him in the gut and kicking him in the private and by the end of it he was crying. “Here! Take it! Just stop hurting me!” shouted the man as he threw a bag of money at Grady and ran off.
“They don’t call me Gerta the Demon Fighter for nothing.” said Gerta as she wiped her hands together and grinned.
“Your right. They call you that because you took down Kenny and his gang of 93 single handedly.” said Grady as he counted the money. “It’s all here.” he said.
“Good, I wouldn’t want to have to chase him down for it.” said Gerta as she walked over and sat next to Grady. She punched him in the shoulder and grinned. “You did this for the orphanage didn’t you?”
“Ouch.” he said while rubbing his shoulder. “Yah. I wanted to help them out. A lot of them have been going hungry because of the war while I live just fine with my talents as my support. So I decided to help them out. It was a risky bet but it worked out in the end.”
“Ill say. Lets go. I cant wait to see that old mean priest’s face when he see’s what you’ve done for them.” said Greta with a grin.
“You just don’t like him because he doesn’t approve of you wearing pants.” said Grady.
“Correct. A girl can do anything a boy can and I’m going to prove it!” said Gerta.
“You will be perfect for that. Your stronger then me and are way better at sports. You also just beat up a grown man. I’m pretty sure that you will do it.” said Grady grinning.
“Yeah, now lets go!” said Gerta as she took off running.
“Wait for me!" he shouted as he followed with Jimmy on his heals. They ran to the orphanage down the street from the gambling area. Jimmy ran ahead of them and knocked on the door.
A priest stepped out and looked down. “Hello Jimmy. Where are Grady and that demonic child?”
“Were over here you old priest!” shouted Gerta as she ran ahead.
“Child those are cruel words to say to an elder of the church.” said the priest.
“I’m sorry brother Michel. She doesn’t approve of some of your teachings. In truth, I don’t approve of the belief that girls are not equal to boys but being a boy I have no right to speak. She on the other hand does.” said Grady.
“That is quite strange of you to say Grady. Why do you have such a belief?” asked the priest.
“Because, Gerta is my one of my best friends and I’m positive that she is my equal.” said Grady.
“If you believe so son but the lord doesn’t say that.” said the priest.
“Actually I read the bible once while in your church and it says nothing of women not being equal to men. It basically just says they never spoke up and got killed if they did.” said Gerta.
“Who taught you child of a demon to read!?!” the priest asked stunned.
“A very nice old man from town who believed that women were equal to men. Well, until he passed on.” said Gerta sadly.
“That poor man but what a strange belief.” said the priest.
“Also, I’m no demon child you moron!” shouted Gerta.
“You are. No normal child would shout such evil words at the priest.” said the priest. “If the guards could actually catch and find you when they try you would have been hung by now. Being able to escape them is also a sign of a demon.”
“No, she is just really tricky.” said Grady.
“Son you have great potential as a priest or whatever carrier you decide to do, so will you stop being friends with such a demonic child?” asked the priest.
“I’m sorry to disrespect you sir but there is nothing in this world that will get me to give up my friends.” said Grady.
“Go for it Grady!” shouted Gerta. “Also, what did we come here for?” asked Gerta as she forgot.
“O! That’s right. I was in a gambling match a while ago and I won something for the orphanage this time. I thought in a time of war we should do our best to help out.” said Grady as he handed the bag of money to the priest.
The priest looked in it at the money and stared. “Do you realized how much this is? Are you sure you want to give us all of it?” asked the priest.
“Don’t worry. We have enough to survive.” said Grady as he looked to Jimmy and Gerta and smiled, and then looked back at the priest.
“If your sure. By the way, do you all per chance live together?” asked the priest.
“Yes we do. Why?” asked Grady.
“You live with a demon child and an animal!?!” asked the priest.
“She isn’t a demon child and they are my friends. Were alone without each other. Why wouldn’t we live together?” asked Grady.
“You don’t get what’s wrong with this do you? Where do you three live anyway?” asked the priest.
“In the sewer. Its surprisingly big down there and we found an old forgotten way that isn’t in use anymore so we decided to live in it. Took a while to clean though.” said Gerta.
“In the sewer!?! That is no place for children!” said the priest.
“We like it. Well, its time for us to go. The guards are coming and we don’t want Gerta to get caught.” said Grady as they started to leave.
“Take care dear child and squirrel. I hope you are fine even with that demon of a friend. I wish you luck.” said the priest.
“Thank you brother Michel.” said Grady as they started to run.
“No. Thank you dear children. This will feed the orphanage for months to come.” he whispered to himself in aw at their generosity.
Back with Grady, Gerta, and Jimmy, they ran and stopped at a manhole. Gerta lifted it up as Jimmy and Grady jumped in. She then jumped in herself and dropped it back in place. The guards never expect them to be here since that manhole is even too heavy for the guards to lift. Gerta is extremely strong. They then walked to their pipe. When in it Grady lit the candle’s, and got out the perfume they had purchased with spare money once, and sprayed it around.
“You would think after living here for 6 years you would be used to the smell by now.” said Gerta with a chuckle.
“Ill never get used to the smell of sewage. I don’t know how you did.” said Grady. Jimmy held his nose in agreement.
“It really isn’t that bad.” said Gerta as she walked passed the lit candle’s, Jimmy’s small wooden box stuffed with cloth that he made a bed out of, Grady’s straw mattress, and the dresser they stored their possessions in, to her hammock that she had hung from strong small pipes in the back corner of the big pipe. She laid down and covered up with her thin cotton blanket and went to sleep in an instant.
“I guess she wore herself out today with that fight and the running from the guards.” said Grady. Jimmy nodded in agreement. All of a sudden she turned in her hammock and her blanket fell off. She shivered. Grady walked up to her and picked up the blanket and covered her up with it. He smiled and walked over to his straw mattress and covered up. ‘I hope she is happy here.’ he thought. “Goodnight Jimmy, goodnight Gerta.” he said as he fell asleep. Jimmy squeaked goodnight from his bed and Gerta was already fast asleep. Grady started to dream, of the days when they all met.
He was 5 years old and a wiz with marble’s. He was playing at home when his parents went out. He heard a loud crash outside and ran to see what happened. He then saw his parents dead from being ran over by a horse. He cried for hours until he was kicked out of the house so that it could be sold along with his parents items. All that he took with him was some food, his bag of marbles, and the clothes on his back. That accident hadn’t killed his parents alone. He saw a girl on the other side of the street crying next to were it had happened. “How dare you leave me alone. You said we would always be together.” said the girl.
He walked up to her. “You lost your parents here to?” he asked.
“Yes. You too it seams.” she said as she turned her head and whipped her tears. She stood up and started to walk off.
“Wait!” he shouted after her.
She turned around. “What?” she asked.
“Why don’t you come with me? If we work together we wont need to go to the orphanage.” he said.
“No. I can take care of myself. Girls can do anything boys can. Also, I never said I was going to an orphanage.” she said angrily as she walked off.
“Your right!” he shouted after her.
She turned around shocked. “What?”
“I said your right. Girls are equal to boys. I asked if you would come with me because I think we can help each other out, not because I think you need a boys help.” he said.
“Really? Or are you just trying to get me to come so that you can use me as a maid?” she asked angrily.
“I would never do something that horrid. I just thought it would be better if we worked together. Two heads are better then one and it would be easier to survive.” he said.
“Fine, Ill come with you. One thing first though.” she said as she ran into her old house. When she came out, she had changed into a pair of overalls and a shirt that matched his instead of the dress she had been wearing. “I always hated that thing. I only wore it for my parents. Since they are gone now though, no reason to wear it anymore.” she said as she walked up to him.
“True. Also, I’m Grady. What’s your name?” he asked.
“Gerta. Nice to meet you Grady.” she said as they started to walk. When a little farther down the road they saw a baby squirrel all alone by the side of the road. They saw that two adult squirrels and 3 other babies had been run over in the road.
“Your like us.” said Grady as he walked up to the squirrel. It looked at him scarred and tried to crawl off but didn’t get far. “Don’t worry, we wont hurt you.” said Grady as he picked up the squirrel. “We lost our parents to this road too. It’s easier to survive with friends though so we travel together now. Do you want to come with us?” asked Grady.
The squirrel looked at him and smiled and buried its head in his chest.
“Ill take that as a yes.” said Grady with a smile. Gerta walked up to him and took the squirrel and turned it over. “Gerta?!” asked Grady confused.
“I’m checking its gender. It’s a boy. So what should we call it?” she asked Gerta.
“How about Jimmy?” asked Grady as he looked at the squirrel. It shook its head yes and then smiled.
“Jimmy it is then.” he said with a bright grin. They went on their way after that. They came to the gambling area soon after on accident. “Wait.” said Grady as he stopped. He walked up to one of the men and placed a bet he couldn’t pay for since he was broke. “I bet 10 pounds that I can beat you at marbles.” said Grady.
“Your on pipsqueak.” said the man. Grady beat him easily. Afterwards the man said, “Fine here.” as he handed Grady the money. “Your good. You should start your own booth here. It’s a good way to make money.” said the man.
“You don’t say? I might give it a try.” said Grady as he stood up and left. They ate the food he had packed for dinner and then he said, “We don’t have enough money to stay somewhere tonight but from the look of those clouds up above we need to find shelter.” They all then looked up.
“Your right.” said Gerta as Jimmy squeaked in agreement. She walked over to a manhole and lifted it and said, “Come on. It smells but its better then the rain.”
“Wow, now that’s strong.” said Grady as he picked up Jimmy and followed. Jimmy shook his head in agreement.
“Your right. It does stink.” said Grady holding his nose. Jimmy covered his as well.
“Yes it does but we’ll get used to it. After all, we will probably be staying here a while.” said Gerta.
“I guess so. I don’t know if ill get used to the smell though.” said Grady. They kept walking until Gerta sighted a small path in the wall.
“Lets go this way.” she said. They went down and found an old dirty square pipe that looked dry enough to sleep on. “This will do.” she said with a smile.
“I guess so. It doesn’t smell as bad here either.” said Grady with a smile.
Gerta laid down and said, “Its cold here without any blankets so well all have to sleep near each other for warmth until we can afford some.” said Gerta.
“I guess so, but how will we be able to afford them?” asked Grady as he laid down with Jimmy between them.
“You can open a gambling booth in that area of course. Ill be your protection.” she said as she yawned.
“That can work!” said Grady excited as he yawned. Jimmy also yawned and then went to sleep. They both smiled and fell asleep too. The next day, when at the new booth that Grady had opened, an old man came up to it. He looked at Gerta and said with a smile, “You remind me of my wife. She considered women equal with men. I agree with her. She was a strong woman when alive.”
“I like you old man. Why don’t you try your hand at beating Grady here?” said Gerta with a smile.
“I think I will.” he said. After he lost he said, “Your good at this boy. Sadly I don’t have enough to pay you in full. How about this. Ill pay you back bit by bit and you can come to my house anytime you like for lessons. I was a teacher when I was younger.”
“That’s sounds great! We can get our schooling!” said Grady to Jimmy and Gerta.
“That’s right. Don’t forget your squirrel either. I cant wait to teach him to read.” said the man with a grin.
“Ok!” said Grady happily.
“By the way, what’s your name?” asked Gerta.
“John Rockfield, but you can just call me John.” he said with a smile.
“Okay Mr. John.” said Grady happily.
“Okay John.” said Gerta.
“Good enough.” he said with a smile. “So come by anytime. I live just across the street from here.” he said as he pointed to his house.
“Okay.” they both said happily.
The next day was Sunday and Grady took Jimmy and Gerta to church. “Hello boys. Looks like you need a haircut son.” said the priest to Gerta.
“Excuse me, I’m a girl.” she said with a plain flat look.
“Then why are you in pants?” asked the priest horrified.
“Because I can be and its hard to protect my friends in a dress.” she said.
“Its still not proper. You cannot come back until you get a dress.” said the priest.
“Fine with me old priest. Grady was the one who wanted to come anyway. Come on guys.” she said as she put her hands behind her head and walked out.
“What a horrid girl.” said the priest. “She must be demonic.”
“She isn’t sir. I’m sorry for her behavior, she just doesn’t think you should treat her different from the boys. She really is kind once you get to know her. Goodbye sir.” said Grady with a bow as he followed her with Jimmy in his arms.
“What a nice boy. I wonder how they became friends.” said the priest.
Over the next few years they see him once in a while and he and Greta are always arguing. When they were 10 years old Mr. John died of old age. He had taught them everything he knew and could rest in peace. After that they lived in the way they had developed. Living in the sewers, donating to charity, visiting the orphans, running from the guards for Gerta’s safety since they think she is a demon, and running their stand in the gambling area. They bought something for themselves every once in a while. Jimmy had bought some straw once and made a mattress for them. Soon after Gerta bought some rope and built herself a hammock Then they went out and bought a wood box and cloth for Jimmy to make his bed. They bought a small used dresser and some blankets, along with a bottle of perfume, and some marble’s for Gerta and Jimmy so that they could learn to play. They also got some candle’s so they could see better in the sewers. It was fun to them.
Soon after he caught up to the present time in his dream, Grady woke up. It was mourning so he got up and thought to himself with a smile, ‘Time to run the stand like always. I’m glad were together. We’ll always be together.’ He then woke up Jimmy and Gerta and they headed out.
That day at the stand Grady had to ask. “Hay Gerta, are you happy living like we do now?”
“Of course! I’ve never been happier in my life then I am everyday the three of us are together.” said Gerta with a smile. Jimmy smiled too.
“Yeah, I fell the same way.” said Grady with a smile. They never expected what was going to happen to the three of them next.

Light and Dark

In another universe:

In this world there are two realms, Dark and Light. They are parallel realms that coexist. If a person is born good into the realm of Dark then their counterpart born into the realm of Light will be evil. You can change who you are after you are born but and be like your counterpart but it doesn’t usually happen. Also, if you are born a boy in the realm of Light, then your counterpart in the realm of Dark will be a girl. To pass between one realm and the other you need your counterpart or partners help though. The realms are connected by mirrors, and in order to pass through a mirror into the other realm you need to switch places with your partner. Also, both partners must agree to switch. This story is about a girl from the realm of Dark.

Roxy woke up that mourning and stretched. She spit out the window and onto the head of a passing person and then threw on a dirty black dress she hasn’t washed in weeks that she always wears. She then pushed her dirty long black hair down with her fingers and wiped her brown eye’s clean of sleep. She rubbed her itchy pale skin and then went up to the mirror and called out, “Hey Ronny, you there?”
“Yah I’m here. Give me a second to get ready.” a boys voice called from the mirror. Then a boy came up to the mirror. He had clean brushed short black hair and deep shiny black eyes. His skin was clean and sparkly too. “You know, you would look better if you actually bathed once in a while Roxy.” said the boy.
“Waste of time, and I wouldn’t be as scary if I was clean now would I?” she asked with an evil smirk.
“True but I think you would be better clean.” said Ronny.
“Ah, who cares. I’m playing hooky. Can I play it in the realm of Light?” asked Roxy.
“No. I need to go to school and I cant do that in the realm of Dark.” said Ronny.
“O come on. I always get caught here and if I was there they couldn’t say anything. After all, no one but us remembers how to get back and forth.” said Roxy.
“That’s because the ability was completely forgotten and then we accidentally fell through the mirror.” said Ronny.
“True, but come on. You never play hooky. Cant you do it just once?” asked Roxy.
“No Roxy.” said Ronny. “I have to get going, seeya.” said Ronny.
“O come on!” said Roxy as he left for school. At school Ronny was extremely popular. He was polite, kind, always there to help anyone who needs it, and he was the cleanest boy in school. As for Roxy, she was feared. She was rude, mean, always hurting people or picking on them, and was the dirtiest person in school. Roxy cut school that day but got caught and brought back for detention. She cut that too. After school when Ronny got home he went to the mirror and asked Roxy who had been home for hours, “So did you get caught again?”
“Yep. They actually threw me back into school this time. I think I’ve finally ticked the police off enough.” said Roxy with a laugh.
“I wouldn’t laugh if I were you. Its not good to have such a record as a minor.” said Ronny.
“Ah, doesn’t matter to me! After all, it vanishes once I’m an adult and I can always hide in the dark to get away if I’m in enough trouble. After all, there is no light in this world to help find me.” said Roxy with a laugh.
“Then why do you want to come here again? There is no dark at all here. You can’t hide in it here.” said Ronny.
“True, but I have no record there. I could have a fresh start.” said Roxy with a sigh.
“Hah! I think I actually influenced you a bit! Look at how you just acted.” Ronny said.
Roxy then realized she was acting with regret and got back to her usual self, “Yah right. You wish.” she said.
“By the way, I don’t like that rule.” said Ronny.
“What rule? I thought you loved all rules.” said Roxy with a smirk.
“The rule that makes us switch back and forth. We can’t ever be in the same realm together. That rule.” said Ronny.
“O, that one.” said Roxy sadly.
“I don’t think its fair. I also don’t understand how people could forget about the realm’s of Dark and Light being connected by mirrors. I mean, doesn’t everyone see their partner?” asked Ronny.
“I asked my mom if she had ever seen a man in the mirror when she looked and she slapped me so I’d say no.” said Roxy.
“Ok then. By the way, you worded that question horridly.” said Ronny with a smirk.
“Duh!” said Roxy.
“I wonder…” said Ronny.
“Wonder what?” asked Roxy.
“Well if there are two realms that have forgotten about each other, do you think it is possible that they have also forgotten about other realms, worlds, or even universes?” asked Ronny.
“I guess its possible. We wont know unless we check though now will we.” said Roxy with an evil grin.
“How can we check?” asked Ronny.
“Pack your bags Ronny. I have an Idea.” said Roxy.
“Roxy this isn’t another one of your harebrained scheme‘s to get out of school is it?” asked Ronny with a stern face.
“Of course not.” said Roxy sarcastically as she went and grabbed her black jacket and put it on, then she got a black backpack, a pound of fudge, and a black sleeping bag. Ronny on the other hand put on a white jacket, and went and got a white backpack, a pack full of fruits and vegetables, and a white sleeping bag. They both put the pack on their backpacks on and walked up to the mirror. “Ok, now, focus on another universe. Focus on me and another universe at the same time.” said Roxy.
“Ok, you too Roxy.” said Ronny.
“Of course.” she said. They started focusing, and all of a sudden a portal opened in the mirror. But it wasn’t the normal portal that they went through that had black and white as the color. It was every color of the rainbow in the portal swirling and swishing. “Wow.” said Roxy in shock.
“Yah.” said Ronny in aw.
“Well, lets go then.” said Roxy as she started to put her hand to the mirror.
“Yah.” said Ronny as he followed her lead.

The Meeting of new friends…and rivals

That afternoon at about 4 p.m. Grady closed his booth. He had gotten a big hull so he could close early. “We got 22 pounds today. We can afford to buy something extra.” said Grady with a smile.
“Does that mean we can eat some sweets tonight?” asked Gerta excitedly.
“Yes. So lets go and get some.” said Grady with a smile as he started toward the bakery with the others close behind. Inside they noticed that the baker had just made a new chocolate sugar cake.
“O, a pleasure to see you again children. You’re a bit early though. What is it that you want to buy today?” asked Roby the baker with a smile. Grady, Gerta, and Jimmy, and usual customers here, since they come here to buy bread for dinner daily. So Roby knows them well.
“How much is three pieces of the new cake?” asked Grady as he pointed to the cake.
“3 pounds. Its not cheep children. Are you sure you want some of it?” he asked.
“I’m sure.” said Jimmy as he handed 3 pounds to Roby. “it’s a rare treat and we decided to get it today.” said Jimmy with a smile as he was handed a circular piece of wood with 3 pieces of cake on it.
“Okay then children. I hope you have a good day.” said Roby with a wave as they left.
“I hope you have a good day too Roby.” said Gerta as they left. They went down into the sewer and went into their home.
Grady sat the plate on top of the dresser and gave a piece to Gerta. He then took his piece and put the plate on the floor so that Jimmy could have the last piece.
“So tasty!” squealed Gerta with a smile as she ate.
“Ill say. Roby over did himself this time.” said Grady in agreement.
“Squeak squeak!” said Jimmy in agreement. After they finished the cake they went back outside for a bit. Gerta wanted to get some fighting practice in, again.
She ran up to Kenny in the ally and shouted with a grin, “Hey Kenny! You and your gang ready to get its but kicked again?!”
He swung around to look at her face to face. “No way Demon. We have 8 new members today and were not loosing to you!” he shouted. All of a sudden a ground of 101 kids jumped up from behind Kenny and started at Gerta. She grinned and got in fighting stance. As the first 10 jumped her she threw them away like nothing. Then she jumped up and landed on 3 more coming at her. She tackled 12 more from the other side and grabbed a boy who tried to jump her from behind. She spun him in circles and knocked out 20 more boys coming at her before she tossed him aside. She then grabbed another boy and knocked 40 more out the same way. She then tackled 4 more and kicked 6 more in the private.
“Five to go before its your turn Kenny!” she shouted as she kicked one of the newbie’s in the stomach and tackled another one in the chest. “Three to go!” she shouted as she punched one boy upside the head and hit another in the mouth. “One to go!” she shouted. But to her surprise the last person to come up was a girl who started at her evilly. “Who would have though! Kenny let a girl in! Though you hated girls Kenny!” shouted Gerta with a laugh.
“O shut up you old hag! She is stronger than you any day! She is the first girl in the group and the last one Demon! You’ll never get in!” he said with a laugh.
“Like id ever want to join! Besides, I already have a group!” shouted Gerta as she glanced back at Grady and Jimmy than got into fighting stance, while facing the girl. “What’s your name?” asked Gerta.
“Sally. Sally Jumper. Got it weakling?” said the girl with a sneer.
“Yah I got it wimp. Give me your best shot.” said Gerta angrily. Sally came at her. Gerta was able to knock Sally back, but Sally was so strong that she knocked Gerta back too. They went at it for about 10 minutes until Gerta finally got an opening and grabbed Sally by the feet. She spun Sally in circles and threw her into Kenny. “You’re the strongest person I’ve fought in years. Looks like I’ve got a rival. Try and catch up soon.” said Gerta with a smirk.
“Hey Demon!” shouted Sally from behind. “You never told me your name!”
“Gerta! Gerta Marble!” shouted Gerta.
“Strange last name! Where is it from?” asked Sally.
“I chose it. Your last name is Jumper because you joined Kenny’s gang and they are called the jumpers right? Well I chose my last name thanks to my friends.” said Gerta with a smile as she walked toward Grady and Jimmy. Jimmy jumped onto her shoulder and smiled at her. And Grady patted her on the shoulder and said, “Great job.”
“Thanks. It was the best fight I’ve had in years.” said Gerta with a smile as they walked away.
“The Marble Gang huh?” thought Sally. “No, the Marble Family.” she thought with a smile.
“Hey Sally! Lets go!” shouted Kenny from behind.
“Coming!” she shouted as she ran after the injured group.
Back with Grady, Gerta, and Jimmy they were walking through the city streets until they reached the town park that was empty . They sat down on the nearest bench. Gerta was worn out from her fight so she went to sleep fast against the back of the bench. Grady chuckled when she did and Jimmy curled up in her lap. All of a sudden a bright light appeared above their heads that woke Gerta up. They all looked up to see a rainbow colored vortex in the middle of the sky. 3 figures fell out.

Back a few hours ago with Roxy and Ronny. They were both in the vortex swirling in circles. They then noticed something, they were right next to each other. Roxy reached her hand out to see if it was real, and when she did she touched Ronny’s hand. They both jumped back a bit in shock. “W-Were in the same place!” she screamed in joy as she grabbed his hand.
“Your right!” he shouted joyously as he squeezed her hand tighter. All of a sudden they saw something. A small female squirrel was floating in the vortex. Ronny floated up to it. “Are you alive?” he asked in not expecting a response.
“Yes.” It said as it looked at him.
“Y-You talk!” he shouted shocked.
“Yep. My name is Jenny and its nice to meet you.” she said.
“I’m Ronny and this is Roxy.” said Ronny as he motioned to Roxy.
“So why are you here?” asked Roxy while lounging back.
“I got pulled out of my home on accident a few minutes ago. Must have been fate. I must have needed to meet you two.” Jenny said.
“I guess so.” said Ronny with a smile. “So are you coming with us?”
“I guess so. So where are we headed?” Jenny asked.
“We have no clue. We’ll leave it up to luck.” said Roxy.
“Yah, and I hope we get lucky.” said Ronny as he pulled Jenny into his left arm and grabbed Roxy’s hand with his right hand. “But we aren’t taking chances on getting separated.” he said.
All of a sudden an opening appeared in front of them and they fell five feet onto the ground. “Ow!!!” shouted Roxy as she rubbed her hinny which she had fallen on.
“It could have dropped us closer to the ground.” said Ronny.
“Thinks for breaking my fall.” said Jenny to Ronny. She was laying on his chest.
“No problem.” he said as he stood up and put her on the ground. They noticed that there were three people staring at them.
“What’s your problem?” asked Roxy.
“Roxy be nice. Their probably shocked at how we showed up.” said Ronny.
“Yah so be nice.” said Jenny.
“Fine.” said Roxy as she crossed her arms and pouted.
“Are you all ok?” asked Grady.
“Yah, were fine.” said Ronny.
“Were did you come from just now?” asked Gerta looking all around.
“A vortex.” said Jenny with a smile.
“You talk?” asked Gerta.
“Yep.” said Jenny.
“So what are your names?” asked Ronny.
“Well, I’m Grady. This girl here is Gerta, and this squirrel is Jimmy but he doesn’t talk.” said Grady with a smile.
“I’m Ronny. This girl is Roxy and the squirrel is Jenny.” said Ronny with a smile.