Journey of the twins

Alexandra and Alexander were 10 year old twins. They were happy kids in Snowpoint City with a mom, dad, and their two Snorunt. Their mom and dad had recently started a busing company that would transport people from Celestic Town to Snowpoint City. It had always been their parents dream to do that and it was finally coming true. But one day after finishing their trips and dropping off their last batch of passengers, a huge blizzard broke out and the two children’s parents were lost. Alexandra and Alexander were supposed to be sent to the Snowpoint orphanage but refused. “Their not dead! We’ll find them!” shouted Alexandra as they ran away from Snowpoint. With the help of their two Snorunt they were able to survive in the cold weather of route 217. One day when visiting Lake Acuity they saw something in the water. Uxie had come to the surface and was leaving for a short trip. At the sight of Uxie they became intrigued with the world around them. No one said they had to stay here to look for their parents. So the children set off to find their missing parents. Alexandra became a coordinator and Alexander became a trainer. Over their travels through Sinnoh, Alexandra found a dawn stone along route 225. With it, her Snorunt evolved into a Froslass. Alexander on the other hand trained his Snorunt enough that it evolved into a Glalie. No matter what they went through though, they never caught any new Poke’mon and they never split up. One day Alexander said to Alexandra, “My next gym battle…Can you guess were it is?”
“Yes. I have a contest there too.” said Alexandra sadly.
“It looks like were going home for a while then.” said Alexander.
“To Snowpoint City.” said Alexandra. They hiked up to Snowpoint City the old fashioned way. When they got there though, they found a great surprise. You see when they got to town they went home to see it of course. To their shock, their parents were their. The moment they saw their parents Alexandra and Alexander ran up and embraced them. It seems that their parents had found their way home while the two were gone, and while they were home the parents had kept track of everywhere their children had entered gym battle’s and contests. Alexandra and Alexander stayed in town for 3 weeks. They finally got to show their parents up close one of Alexandra’s contests and one of Alexander’s gym battles. At the end of the 3 weeks though they decided to leave.
“We still want to travel and explore the world.” said Alexander.
“We haven’t finished our battle’s or contests.” said Alexandra.
“So we are setting back out.” they both said.
“We understand. We will always be watching. Call home once in a while though please.” said their mom.
“Yes. We like knowing what your up to.” said their dad with a smile.
“Ok.” they both said happily as they set back off on their journey. On the rest of their journey they were happy and together. They never had anything as bad as the lost parents incident ever happen again. They best part of all though was all of the new friends they made. Like the two twins Jennifer and Jeffrey from Littleroot town, but that, is another story.