Chess Battle

This is a story based of a dream I had once. Its not about Poke’mon like my usual stories but I hope its still good. I hope it doesn’t sound too self sintered. Re...

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Time and Space

Time and Space Dialga and Palkia took a break from their constant fighting one day. They were both so lonely that they didn’t feel like fighting. In their dimensions no other living creature could survive so...

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Horror Poem

Sitting alone in the night. No sight of nearby light. Look up, look down, look all around, but no one is there to save you. You cry out for help but no one hears. You try to run but you cant move. You scream out in fear but...

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Moving on in time, Leaving everything behind. Where you head, you don’t know, but your mind is clear and at peace. Heading toward the darkness or light, either one will do. No matter what it still brings eternal peace to you.


Darkness. There are many definitions for this word. One idea is that darkness is evil, the spirit or work of the devil. I don’t believe that. I believe that darkness is peaceful, pure darkness is silence, in the dark you can be whatever or w...

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