Everybody do your share.

Sorry, couldn't resist making the Barney reference. XDD;;

In this post!: Nyarth, Lupe, Shola, Tanner, Lunette, and Estelle

Takes place: currently! XD this is continuing off of Anime-chan's previous post.


Dispatched to retrieve a couple of mops by Lupe-sama, I headed off down a hallway accompanied by the girl, "sharkgirl" as Lupe-sama called her. I resisted the urge to giggle, and instead, made conversation with her as we walked.

"I'm Nyarth, hajimemashite-nya! Your name is...?" I inquired, looking up at her. Fin....shark....dark coloring.... She is probably either a Carvanha or a Sharpedo, I reasoned.

Without looking down at me, she replied, "Shola. Sharpedo." And continued walking. I guess that was the end of that conversation? I was determined to say more, but at that moment I drew a blank on what to say. I sweat dropped and we resumed our quest.

We arrived at a small-seeming supply closet but when we opened the door, it was bigger than it appeared. I grabbed two mops, slung them over my shoulder, and Shola silently picked up a jug of vinegar, two buckets, and a broom. as we headed back, I could tell by now that she was annoyed. By Lupe calling her that funny nickname, no doubt. "You kinda get used to her after a while," I said sympatically to her. "She is the person who runs this whole place-nya.... I'm sure she has a whole lot of stress on her. I don't think she intends to be so harsh-nya," I chirped sadly. Shola just grunted, unconvinced.

We followed Lupe's instructions to start cleaning the dining room. I remember the event associated with this... Where all the gijinkas had the huge feast, and the special guest, who was Hoom's and Hon's father, turned out to be not such a welcome visitor. A big fight interrupted everyone's dinner, and we all had had to run for cover from the stray attacks. It was not pretty, and it similarly left the mansion in the ruins we were living in today.

And it's our job to clean it. At least, it should get better at least from this point on, right? Since Estelle-Onee-chan put up that protective barrier around the mansion grounds designed to ward against bounty hunters and humans alike. So once we fix this, there should be less chance of it breaking again, right? I couldn't help but doubt myself though, despite my attempts to reassure myself.

Lupe and the Tangrowth guy with the dreadlocks were already bickering while picking up bits of wood and rubble, hammers and nails lying everywhere haphazardly. I noticed a new face-- a Lumineon gijinka. She was probably in her late teens and wore a beautiful  aqua kimono that brought out the blue of her dorsal fins. She was helping pick up the nails laying about, noticed me, and smiled. Then Lupe noticed us.

"Good! Y'all are back! Git to work. Shola, sweep. Nyarth, mop. Yeah, I mean under the chairs too. Don't do a half-asked job. You gotta live here too." she barked at us. 

Shola seemed to have acquired a tick in her eye, because I could see that as she swept, she wore a scowl and her eye twitched frequently.  I took a bucket and the vinegar, filled up the bucket at the sink in the kitchen, and followed Shola's trail as she swept, me mopping in her wake. I could see Estelle had joined them as well, and the four of them went around the room, putting new plaster on some minor holes in the walls, boarding up cracks, and etc. 

It took us about half an hour to almost finish the dining hall, and then we were all left standing, gaping at the huge hole in the window where Hoom, holding Don, had crashed through. We quickly made a plan, however, with Estelle using her psyhic powers to merge the broken pieces of glass back together, Tanner, the Tangrowth holding everything up with some locks of his crazy hair while hammering away at the nails with more of his hair. Lunette stood by, handing him the nails and offering advice, and Lupe dictated everything as usual.

It was a huge window, and a slow process since Mear, apparently, left the mansion without telling anyone (i missed him a lot, and I wish I had more time with him...), meaning our source of quick-draw quick-fix was gone. We finished about an hour later. I collapsed on the floor, deprived of at least one of my hourly catnaps, and started muttering about my exhaustedness. Then Estelle, catching the contagious disease of sleepiness, started whining to Lupe about it, which merited us a very ticked Lupe.

"Nah-uh!! You b*tches are gonna clean until the moon comes out! This needs to be done and it WILL get done! It's time I took charge of things around here."

I sighed. Would there be any end to this madness? I was seriously regretting my decision of not running away from Lupe the moment she mentioned 'cleaning'....


OTL sorry for the lame responses of Lupe, it turns out I majorly fail at thinking of mean things to say XD;;; she's really tough for me to play as! I hope I got Shola right, Kyou-chan!