Finally Home!

I couldn't believe it... all the stuff we've been through. With the whole contest turning out to be a trap, bounty hunters chasing us, and Lux and Kat turning evil. Thankfully, all of us gijinkas made it out, no one was killed. We were all laying or sitting around in the clearing, and Dr. Kyuu, the nice Ninetails doctor who attended me, went around checking up on people and giving them medicine. Lupe was looking even more hurt than everyone else that our home was destroyed, and she and Estelle went off toward the lake nearby.

I just sat there on one of the fallen trees and looked around at the surrounding forest. It was in ruin. There were dead and burnt trees everywhere, and almost half of the whole forest was demolished... trees were laying down and uprooted. Seeing that, it made me feel really sad inside. The forest was nice to us, it gave us a place to hide from the evil humans, and what do we do to repay it? We run away and let it get destroyed by robots. Not exactly the best recompense, don't you think?

I took a deep, shuddering sigh. And speaking of the bounty hunters, I couldn't even help everyone in their fights earlier! Because I had to get sick I wasn't helpful at all. I just wanted to help my friends, but then I had to get the Pokepox and be an inconvenience for them.


Dr. Kyuu came up to me now. He felt my forehead and cheeks with his hands. "Hello little Nyarth. It seems the Pokepox is almost gone!" He said with a smile. "How are you feeling?"

"I've been feeling much better, doc, arigato gozaimasu. My body isn't sore as much and the ringing in my ears has gone away. I'm still kinda shaky though..."

The doc laughed. "Yes, well that is usually the last symptom to leave with the Pokepox. But some of that shaking might be due to your and the other gijinkas' ordeal the past few days."

He's right. I was really scared for the safety of my friends. I didn't like seeing them hurt so much. Dr. Kyuu finished his check up on me and moved to another patient, and I went back to surveying the damage to our house. All of our things were gone, destroyed or taken. Then I remembered a certain item of mine that I had left at the house before going to the contest hall.

"My poffin case!" I worriedly exclaimed. I jumped up and quickly scanned the area. It's probably gone...there's no use looking for it now. But it had all my berries and snacks in there! I just have to find it! I can use the berries I have in it to start a garden and provide my friends with food! I have to find it.

I kept looking through the rubble and timbers and ashes for my one possession I brought with me from my childhood home.

Nyarth the Meowth

I thought I should post something since there's a new plot coming up. This is Nyarth's point of view of what was happening while Estelle and Lupe were out.
Poor Nyarth! He thinks he's useless! ;A;