Please, Please.... Don't Leave Me!

Lol, the title came from Pink's song Don't Leave Me. Have y'all even SEEN the music video?? It's creepy and horrible!! But I love it anyways hahaha!!!
ANYway, back to the rp~!

I was woken up from my little doze by someone shouting, very close to my head... ow.... my ears are even more sore... I hope that person can stop shouting, can't they see I feel kinda bad? I still didn't open my eyes yet though.

How long was I asleep for? I feel even more horrible... this wasn't supposed to happen! I thought sleeping would help it... and why did this person even wake me up, anyway? When I was sleeping.... I couldn't feel the pain. But now I can... and it hurts... I winced.

Whoever it was, they were frantically yelling, "Help! We need some help over here! Anyone?! Help!" And then I could tell by the way the air currents moved that they sat down on the chair next to me. My tail, being in the way, got stuck in between the two chairs and I yelped. It really hurt!!

I reluctantly opened my eyes, but everything was blurry and the images were swimming before my eyes.... it was hard but I lifted my shaking hand to find where I could pull my tail to safety. I couldn't find it, but then I felt someone freeing it themselves.

"Thank you...." I tried to say to the unknown person, but of course since my throat was so hot and stuff my words came out a hoarse croak, I'm sure they didn't even hear me.

I blinked my eyes to try to regain my sight, and I kinda did I guess... things were still sorta moving back and forth in my eyes (sorta like if you're dizzy) but I could just make out the person near me.... Nina? ...Oh! My friend Nina! She...she came to rescue me.... I'm so glad! No one else heard me... but she did. =^~^=

"Thanks Nina" I whispered, and tried to let my face go into the thankful grin that I knew I wanted to smile. It really hurt my face, but I wanted to let her know I was happy. ^^

"I'm so glad you woke up... I think you need help, like a doctor or something!! You look like you're really sick..."

And I noticed her wet, red cheeks.... she was crying. "Don't cry.... no, no I'm... fine... really." I croaked. I tried and failed to sit upright in my chair. Ok this isn't helping me prove my point.

I saw her looking around frantically, like she was going to get up. With a lot of my strength I grabbed her hand. "No... please... don't leave me..." I pleaded. I just wanted her to stay with me... she's my only company... "I don't wanna be left alone again!" TT ^ TT

~Nyarth the Meowth

Ahahaha..... yeah, I just turned this innocent kiddish thing into some anime and fangirl moment... sorry Nina!! I might've got carried away.... feel free to kill Nyarth, he's already suffering! ROFL! >w<

He just doesn't want to be alone when he's feeling bad. My poor baby!!!!

Uhm... to be continued??? O.O;