Taking the Dangerous Way

I was all for going the safe, long way in the tunnel, 'cuz I'd hate to lose anyone else. Another gijinka, a Zubat, accidentally spooked Faye and she let loose an Ice Beam, which made a cave-in. Exactly blocking the tunnel that led to the safe way.

I couldn't be mad at her for even a second, though. She looked so apologetic and embarrassed, so I walked over to her and held her hand.
Looking up (because she's taller than me) I said, "It's okay. You didn't mean it, you just got scared. I don't think anyone's mad at you."

We started walking through the left tunnel, and after a while the ground sloped steeply downward in a wide chasm. There were wooden posts in the ground on either side, meaning there used to be a bridge, but no other remnants of it were here. All we could see down the chasm was darkness. It probably went on forever. How could we get across?

I mentally went through all of my abilities. I could do nothing. Maybe someone had some ideas, or we had a rope on hand...

Sorry for not telling you people, I kinda went to the beach last week. I'll post more often now though!