Major US and UM News Dump

This morning some more details about the upcoming Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games have been revealed. To begin with, we have the following Japanese trailer, which just looks really cool.

While the above trailer is cool, there's also an English trailer that actually reveals a whole lore more information. This info includes the revelation of yet another brand new Ultra Beasts, details on the other two Ultra Beasts introduced a few months ago, some new characters, and brand new areas of the games.

In case all the stuff in that second trailer was too much to take in, here's a rundown of the storyline details that it covered.

  • In these new games, the player can suit up and ride Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on the version) through the Ultra Wormholes to explore various areas or worlds in Ultra Space. It seems that each Ultra Beast has its own world that the player can explore in order to find them.
  • One of these new worlds/areas in Ultra Space is a city called the Ultra Megalopolis. The place seems to be an advanced city that had it's light stolen by Necrozma. According to the info from, this city is the area where Necrozma is captured at the end of the games' storyline. The Ultra Megalopolis is also home to a group of humanoids known as the Ultra Recon Squad. Whether the members of this group are aliens or humans who somehow built a colony in Ultra Space is totally unknown.
  • The player encounters a duo of Ultra Recon Squad members through the course of the game. In Ultra Sun, the player will run into the duo of Dulse and Zossie, while the duo of Soliera and Phyco are encountered in Ultra Moon. The members of both duos appear to have Ultra Beasts on their Pokemon teams, which makes sense due to these people being from Ultra Space.

That's pretty much all there is to report at the moment. I'll be sure to post more new info as soon as possible when it comes out. If anyone reading has any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.