Pokemon Auctions!

Hi everyone. I wanted to quickly share the fragment of a very weird dream I have last night. In this dream, I was playing some unidentified version of one of the Pokemon games (something that happens to me on a semi-regular basis, for some reason), and this particular game had a feature that none of the real games has ever included. Pokemon auctions. Basically how it seemed to work is that there was a selection of incredibly rare Pokemon that the player would bid on, and other characters in the game would bid against him or her. What sucked was that this seemed to be the only way to get certain Pokemon in that game.

I mean, could you imagine how much that would potentially suck? Getting Porygon back in the old Red, Blue and Yellow games was hard enough because of the financial drain. This sort of feature would be both a huge financial drain and a game of chance that could very easily not go in your favor. Plus in the dream I think I overbid on a couple of Pokemon and ended up in the hole for a few million bucks. I know that's not how auctions really work, but tell that to my subconscious.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that little dream fragment. Do with it what you will.