Legendary PKMN of the Week 26

Well, I’ve talked about most of the Legendary Pokemon that have come out in the past five generations. But now it’s about time that I covered the big one. Presenting the Pokemon that is said to have created the Pokemon World, Arceus.

According to the myths of Sinnoh, Arceus hatched from an egg that existed within a swirling vortex of chaos, and that it was the first Pokemon in existence. The myth goes on to say that Acreus created the Pokemon World along with the Creation and Lake Trios. You know, much of this myth contradicts the theory that Mew was the ancestor of all Pokemon. But it could be that Mew came into existence not long after the two trios came to be. This myth also means that Arceus is the most powerful Pokemon in existence, even being at least a cut above Mewtwo and Mew. I do like that the franchise came out with a creator god Pokemon, but my one complaint about that is there’s nowhere to go but down. Because I highly doubt that there will be any Legendary Pokemon that’ll top Arceus in the pantheon.

Hangout: In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Arceus can only be found in a dimension known as the Hall of Origin. To get to the hall, one needs a special item known as the Azure Flute, which is received only through a Nintendo event. With the flute in hand, the next step is to play at the Spear Pillar. There, a portal will open up into the Hall of Origin. There isn’t anything in that hallowed dimension besides Arceus, so once the creator god is captured there’s no reason to go back.

Signature Ability: Being the first ever Pokemon to exist, Arceus has the power to change his type. And he does this through the ability, Multitype. Ordinarily, Arceus is a Normal-type Pokemon. But when holding one of the special elemental plates found throughout the games, the God Pokemon’s type changes to whatever type that plate would normally enhance. In the anime, Arecus was shown carrying all of the plates at once and able to change his type at will.

Signature Move:That’s right, Arceus has both a Signature Ability and Signature Move. And that move is in the form of a powerhouse attack known as Judgment. In the anime, Judgment is shown as an attack used by Arceus to cause countless meteors to rain down from the sky and bring down destruction. Which is quite the appropriate attack for a Pokemon creator god. But the thing to remember about this move is that its type changes along with Arceus’s type. Arceus doesn’t learn Judgment until level one hundred, so a fair amount of training might be involved.

I think that pretty much covers it for this week’s post. So for next week… well, here’s the thing actually. I began this series of posts to talk about my favorite Legendary Pokemom, and now I’ve covered all my favorites. Which means this little series of mine has pretty much come to an end. At least until the Generation Six games come out that is. Until then, what I’m going to do for next week is a post called And the Rest, where I’ll talk briefly about the other Legendary Pokemon that I didn’t cover in this series. So stay tuned for that next week, and thank you for reading.