new keldeo event update

update The keldeo event shall come to America on January 25th - February 12

France lasts from January 16th to February 12th

Sorry sorry sorry I'm really sorry I'm late with this busy busy heheh ^^" well anyway I just found out there is a new wifi event for all of you in France if you there is a Keldeo event that will reward you a a lv 50 Keldeo that has justified ability, knows Sacred Sword, Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump and Swords Dance and comes with a PP max. Make sure that you take Keldeo to Floccesy town and behind Alder's home (hut whatever it is called maybe a training house) to the huge rock that Keldeo observes and remembers secret sword and then turns into resolute form.

secret sword

type 1: fighting
type 2: special attack

effect: this attack causes physical damage (sp.atk--->defense, helpful since keldeo has low attack compared to it sp.atk)

power: 85
accuracy: 100

PP: 10
max PP: 16

Enjoy French people
Hopefully they will do a Meloetta for black/white 2

Bye everyone