itemdex 4th

Welcome to another itemdex everyone

(pichu throws confetti)

Me: welcome welcome today I'll be doing two items today and after going throw my previous posts I found out that I didn't say where to get the items from so I shall be doing that from now on and I label it in itemdex 2 and 3 soon so for now lets get to no. 4. Pichu open to box.

(pichu stands still)

Me: Come on I know the other box had an explosive but if you only open it up twice then nothing will happen.

pichu: pichu....(fine...)

(pichu opens the box and takes out something that looks like a leaf)

Me: Ahh this is a white herb. Have you heard of it pichu?

(pichu shakes head no)

Me: Well a white herb is a single use item that fully restores your stats if they have dropped. The most I have seen this used is if someone uses overheat or draco meteor. My man problem is fighting a pokemon with the intimidate ability which make you use it right away if you have it. Now when this item is flung useing fling the power in 10 and its effect works on the target. Okay pichu open the box again.

pichu: pichu pichu (Hey wheres my line!)

Me: You still have time if you know what the next item is then you can do it.

pichu: pichu (fine)

(pichu opens the box and grabs a battery)

pichu: pichu...(well thats not it)

Me: Yes it is pichu do you know what that is

pichu: pichu? (A battery)

Me: Nope so I'll do it. This is a cell battery when a pokemon is hit with a electric type move this raises the holder's attack when used with fling it's power is 30. Not a very useful item if you ask me unless you know earthquake against a electric type. Although it would have been nice for it to lower the damage of electric typpe moves too but can't be helped.

Well that wraps up another itemdex cya next time bye!!!! ^^

item locations:

white herb

ruby/sapphire: Battle frontier.route 104

emerald: Battle frontier,route 104 (pickup ablity lv 41-60 1%,lv 61-70 3% chance)

diamond/pearl/platinum/heartgold/soulsilver: battle frontier

black/white: gear station

black2/white2: gear station, PWT

cell battery

black/white: Opelucid City,gear station

black2/white2: gear station,PWT