N's pokemon

You have to see the memory of N in Driftveil city from unova link

After seeing N's memory to be honest he is the only person in a pokemon game I ever felt sorry for one of the sages (I can't remember his name) asks you to take care of his lv.25 Zorua that he released. There are 14 pokemon N released each of which was the same as when you seen them for the first time in the other game.The way to get these pokemon is in a certain location where they will show up randomly with fixed levels. There are four ways of telling if the pokemon is N's pokemon. The first and second ways are in battle when you encounter one. The first way is that the you will hear a sound almost like the shiny sound and the pokemon will look as if it is surrounded by a green embargo. If you miss that then the second way is the prompt will appear slightly differently it will say: "A wild (pokemon's name) has appeared?!". The third way is by catching it. After capture the normal prompt that asks if you would like to name the pokemon will have changed to: "This pokemon seems to have a different OT so it can not be named" or at least something close to that. The fourth is when you have the pokemon the OT will be N and the tranier NO. will say 00002.

Those pokemon are:

pokemon in the Desert Resort

lv.22 sandile ability: Moxie, attacks: sand tomb,assurance,mud slab and embargo

lv.22 Darumaka ability: Hustle, attacks: headbutt,uproar,facade and fire punch

lv.35 darmanitan ability: zen mode (this is the only pokemon with a different abilty) attacks: thrash,belly drum,flare blitz and hammer arm

lv.22 scraggy ability: shed skin, attacks: faint attack,headbutt,swagger andbrick break

lv.22 sigilyph ability: magic guard, attacks: tailwind,whirlwind,psybeam and air cutter

pokemon in chargestone cave

lv.28 boldore ability: sturdy, attacks: mud slap,iron defense,smack down and power gem

lv.28 ferroseed ability: iron barbs, attacks: metal claw,pin missile,gyro ball and iron defense

lv.28 klink ability: plus, attacks: thunder shock,gear grind,bind and charge beam

lv.28 joltik ability unnerve: attacks: eletroweb,bug bite,gastro acid and slash

pokemon outside of pinwheel forest

lv.13 timburr ability: guts, attacks, leer,focus energy,bide and low kick

lv.13 pidove ability: super luck, attacks: air cutter,gust,quick attack and growl (or leer sorry had to delete that attack quickly)

lv.13 tympole ability hydration, attacks: growl,supersonic,round and bubblebeam

pokemon in location by themselves

lv.7 purrloin location: route 2, ability: unburden, attacks: scratch,growl and assist

lv.55 woobat location: wellspring cave, ability: unaware, attacks: air slash,future sight,psychic,and endeavor

Thats it N's pokemon also do be down once you catch it because like a shiny pokemon the glowing when sent out is still there.