Warrior Wolves book one: Echo

Prologue/ Alliance

In a forest many miles away from any city, lives the 5 wolf packs. There is ShadowWolf Pack, RiverWolf Pack, ThunderWolf Pack, WindWolf Pack, and in the middle of them, RavenWolf Pack. RavenWolf Pack was the home of the 2 great leaders of RavenWolf pack, Echoclaw and Velstar. This story take from Echoclaw’s side of the story. Echoclaw is a black male wolf with bright yellow eyes. Velstar is a brown she-wolf with soft amber eyes.

RavenWolf Pack:
StormStar - Silver she-wolf with blue eyes. Her star is on her left thigh.
Redclaw - an orange wolf with green eyes
Medicine Wolf:
Featherwing - white wolf with blue eyes.
Medicine Wolf apprentice:
Morningpaw(see apprentices)
Deerclaw - brown wolf with deer spots on his back with amber eyes (apprentice: Williowpaw)
Moosetail - dark brown she-wolf with orange eyes
Windstripe - white wolf with a black stripe going down his spine; yellow eyes
Blackhope - Pitch black she-wolf with white paws and blue eyes. (Apprentice: Onepaw)
Orangefur - orange she-wolf with dark brown eyes
Windpaw - white wolf with a black stripe down the spine and green eyes
Morningpaw - a bright grey she-wolf with black spots scattered on her back and calm green eyes
Willowpaw - Black furred she-wolf with white forepaw and light, icy blue eyes
Onepaw - a grey wolf with green eyes.
Greyear - black she-wolf with grey ears and yellow eyes (mother of Velpup and Echopup)
Yellowclaw - a golden wolf with grey eyes (Mother of foxpup, brightpup)
Velpup - brown she-wolf with amber eyes
Echopup - Black male wolf with yellow eyes
Foxpup - orange she-wolf with peach tip of tail and muzzle and brown eyes
Brightpup - Grey furred wolf with blue eyes and white socks and tail tip and ear tips
Beetlewhisker - brown she-wolf with only one ear.

Leader: Bumblestar
Deputy: Crystalheart
Medicine Wolf: Mistpool
Leader: Darkstar
Deputy: Scarclaw
Medicine Wolf: Wolfwing
Leader: Onestar
Deputy: Yellowtail
Medicine Wolf: Snowflake
Leader: Checkerstar
Deputy: Whitestripe
Medicine Wolf: Blacklight

Wolves outside of the packs:
Darkmist -
Moonlight - a queen pregnant with one she wolf pup.