self medicating drowning in fear
sinking into depression drowning in tears
left to die by the one i love
i take to many pills
it helps to ease the pain
the pain in my heart
as i know it's slowly rotting
you get what u put in
and people get what deserve
knowing i wont be standing firm
so i'll keep walk with my head hanging
watching my life go bak as my heart keeps aching
waiting to die
for i wont have to cry no more

Madness (Repost)

Tears that fall like liquid glass
Glittering catch the light as they pass
An angels crippled burning ring
Deaths' mad funeral voice does sing
Gaping maw of darkness in the night
Wretched teeth that close and devour the light
Sorrowful aura surrounds shattered heart
Shadow, Darkness and misery rip it apart
A soul screams and drifts free away on the breeze
A life cut so short and torn away with ease
A slash of steel, a gasp of pain
The agony breathed, never again
Struggling in an ocean and gasping for breath
Dragged to the depths by the cold embrace of death
Open the gates to the void of despair
Fall into the maw of the Grims' lair
River of death, sea overflowing
Show me the sanity of life ongoing
Sing me a line of Deaths' sorrowful song
Pass me into a void beyond right and wrong
Tear away my wretched soul with a bloody knife
Shatter and tear away what's left of this life
A tear that falls like a crystal drop
Waiting forever for the pain to stop
An eye of wrath and an eye of sin
Will this life end or is it yet to begin?
See death grin and bare his fang
Scream along with the insanity song he sang
Hurl yourself willingly into his maw
Scream with mad laughter as he slams shut his jaw
By deaths' song the deranged are led
Wailing and laughing alongside the dead
Manic laughter walks to the grave
Sanity or Madness, which to save?
Laughing and shrieking embrace the night
Giggle and wail and devour the light
Destroy the sun with a joyous scream
Sanity and life, just a dream
Scared of what I am, scared of what I see
Scared of what I write, someone help me

-Zacman the Damned

When I Was A Child

When I Was A Child I've Herd Everyone Say
I'd Try To Keep Myself At Bay
But I Took My Own Innocence Way
My Eye's Bled And My Heart Broke
While I Slept And Slowly Fade
With Bloody Scars On My Body Holding A Blade
When I Was A Child I've Herd Everyone Say
Life Was So Beautiful As I Woke
And Took A Early Morning Toke
All I Hear Is Crying And Bitter Screams
As I Hide My Sorrow From This Bitter Life
As I Float To Rock Bottom Where Love Bites
When I Was A Child I've Herd Everyone Say
All I Wanted Was Love
But Now I Live 4 A Dub


Can't Find The Answer
I've Been Crawling On My Knee's
Searching For The Answers
To Keep Me From Drowning
Trying To Keep My Life From Fading
With This Weed Smoke In My Mind
Fighting Thru The War While Am Blind
From The False Love Thats Been Carved Into Me
Always Lying About What I Want To Be
Am Just A Scum Bag Waiting To Die
And Watch Time Go By
When My Soul Leaves
Thats When Everyone Will Smile

Angel behind the Glass

What is it to live?
How much more of my mind must I give?
Tear out my heart and wear it on a chain
Who is it to say that I'm insane?
An angel out of my reach
Behind fractured glass
Standing in the shadow
waiting for my life to pass
Crippled heart and twisted mind
Searching for light when darkness is all I can find
Twisted in shadow and a whisper of sorrow
Waiting for another dark, bleak tomorrow
Haunting shadow, bittersweet
Brings only dark pain to greet
Take my breath with one last sigh
Bring deaths blindness to my eye
Take away the sound I hear
Drown me in madness, shed no tear
Take me to the Gates of hell
Show me where my angel behind the glass fell