A collection of personal poems of my beliefs, dreams, love, and past experiences.

If you find something pathetic, especially in a poem about my past experiences, you may slap me because it does get quite pathetic.

I was inspired by Mattie J.T. Stepanek for some of these poems. So please read some of his poems so that they can inspire you too. ^^

Take care<3

Odio la clase de español

Homework for Spanish. xD It actually had to be a story, but I made i into a poem sort of for fun. xDD

please tell me if I have mistakes~


Me llamo Clarinda
no piense que soy antipática o tonta
pero odio la clase de español

¿Pueden perdoname?
Nadie comprenden
Nadie gustan me
porque yo odio la clase de español

La maestra es muy chivere y una maestra buena
pero eso no es por qué
odio la clase de español

Los estudiantes hablan mucho
siempre ellos interrumpen la clase
Yo no aprendo nada
por eso odio la clase de español

Yo no siento a lado de mi amigas
porque ellos no están en mi clase
Yo siento triste
Ayudame, ayudame
odio la clase de español

I Miss You

You are insufferable, detestable,
And the shame that I have
Because of you is unbearable.
So, why is it that whenever I see
Some kind of romance,
Rather than seeing you,
I see the times when we were
Laughing, smiling, talking
Weeping, comforting, Being there for
Each other.
Kissing, hugging, loving
Each other.
I cry.


In case you didn't catch it, "You" in the title is supposed to represent the person I thought he was. pfffft this is one of the pathetic poems that you can slap me for. XD

Let Me Free

Let -
To allow something to act
you must let them be mad
or sometimes you must let them fight
but other times
you must let them go.

Me -
The person who you are meant to be
not the person you currently are
I am not me
but I am simply waiting to be me.

Free -
To be released and be your own person
I am no longer a prisoner of myself
I want to show who I am
I don't want to be afraid anymore
I am me
I am free

A Friend

Crying alone in the rain
Waiting for someone to cease the pain
Looking for someone when no one’s there
But the truth is that there’s no one that cares.
Shivering, I begin to walk through the rain and darkness
Searching for the light but only to become hopeless
Tripping I fall to the ground
Weeping again for there is nothing to be found.
Reaching before me, I see you hand
My tears became a smile as you helped me stand.


Submitting old poems first =P