a woman's scorn

I loved you
it meant nothing when i said it
you left me
thats nothing new
your like everyone else
your a user, abuser
you enjoy to see pain
you'll never know how much you meant to me
i know for a fact, i'm nothing to you
go with them
be happy....
but when you're alone, you think of me
in your dreams, you'll see me
and when you see me smiling, you'll miss me
dont underestimate me
i wont be pretending
all the rage will have been gone
so now i truly am free

Cry of a Falcon

Cry of a Falcon

The beat of wings
On the south wind
A shadow on the ground
What life is so grand?

The howl of the wind
The beating of wings
Talons sharp as death
Eyes the color of pale gold

Thy wings are thy life
Thy life is thy hunt
Thy hunt is thy adventure
Thy adventure is thy life

A musical cry shrieks
Across the wind
The cry of a powerful bird
The cry of a beautiful bird
A strong bird

The cry……of a Falcon

Angel and Demon

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Willing shadows, Take my sorrow Take my fear Take my hatred But leave a speck Of what you taste My world is full of pain Take me some place safe Away from this painful place I c...

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Dream Phantom

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