Poem Introduction

A pleasant day/ evening to all...
It is me once again^^

These past days, I was making so many poems. And suddenly, I thought of sharing it to Theotaku.com or TheO for short...

It all started because of our Computer educator/teacher...
She asked us to make Christmas poems for it's Christmas season already. After that, I decided to make many poems as I can. I mean, words are popping inside my head to make poems. And whenever I completed a stanza, practically, both of my hands will get a ballpen and a notebook to write it down. Then, when I'm already finished of writing the first stanza, there goes the words all over again, then I'll write everything all through out.....

I'm doing it everyday, and it's like, the cycle of my life has just added one more activity.

I'm inviting everyone to make their own poems too and post it to my world if you like^^
Just PM me if:
-You're going to post something.
-And if you wanna be a guest in my world^^

Hope you'll like my works and I'll also be waiting for yours *smiles*

Wonderland of Truth and Lie

This is actually a poem which I'll be passing to our school's newspaper adviser. I continuously thought of a subject or a word to focus onto just like what Ichi has told me and this is the result of it. ^^
I really had a hard time on thinking about a poem related to life/reality/mysteries of life because I'm not used to it ^^"" and I won't be able to make this poem without Ichi's help as well as this song's help - EndRes by Rokudo Mukuro (Blue Rivale Album)


Wonderland of Truth and Lie

Colors tainted and covered in pure illusions
Could you be able to predict the next event?
A beautiful meeting of Jokers to pretend
Several believe onto their false smiles

Come, take my hand, and join me to what awaits us
A playful wide dark pretending Wonderland
Can you escape polluted with sins and burden?
Seek for the real star from thousands of illusions

I’ll wait at the other end holding the tip of the spider web
Soaking in this pitch black darkness, I’ll pull your hand
Seek for an answer to the riddle mystery
Dark will perish as Light will pass and set you free

Locked in illusions, can you still stand and survive?
Come, play inside this spinning world of truth and lies

Alluring Voices are Singing

Our voices have met,
in a certain single subject.
A subject where they'll see our smiles,
Where emotions of voices shout.

The alluring voices heard
in the center of the world
are the one you have created,
which made us laugh than expected.

I hope you'll forever stay,
always beside us in anyway.
I know you're to obey,
as you always do day by day.

Music, you're the only way,
it is our sign to say,
That you, our teacher will come in way,
just like the wish we always pray.

Farewell... We'll meet once again

The time is already running
The bells are already ringing
Your hands are always waving
And my eyes are to be crying

I wanted to stay more longer
For in here, my mind do linger
I want to see you day by day,
Because your beauty makes me gay.

Although you have vanished away,
In a place where no one could say.
I honestly know that someday,
I'll be with you in unknown way.

The bells are already ringing
It's time for me to be going.
But I am still deeply praying,
For me to see you once again

Farewell my friend... We'll meet again

Memories of Frienship

Memories of Friendship

Laughter and tears
Won’t ever be the same
As it grows
Memories will still remain

Share memories together
It won’t vanish forever
Share the joy
Not tomorrow
But in every second of every day

See myself frowning
Don’t be imitating
Soon it’ll be turning
To a beautiful smile
That you won’t ever be forgetting

Though words are said to be
Stronger than the emotions we feel
Our love for each other
Will always remain in our hearts
Like forever…

Our friendship always starts
Inside our hearts
And the memories we have done yesterday
Will be kept in anyway

Our friendship is said:
“It won’t last tomorrow”
But as we pray
I believe
It won’t ever fade away…