Death Shallow

The moon shall rise, the moon shall die
over this empty plane,
The crow will caw, the rat will naw
upon my ghost like frame
and in the night my corpse will wake and howll up to the moon
the ghosties cry, the chidren die and let out their last "boo hoo"

A Sonet To Thy Lord

Thy pitiful humans
thy know what thou hath done
thou came from thy ground
thou soul all undone
Thou wonderd thy earth all witherd and torn
And thy blood hath been shed by thy pitiful thorn
Thou weep and thou try
Thy irony seen
From father to child
Such pity and woe
For why you ask is this, why thy trouble some show?
For this those who are wise shurly should know
He gave us life, love, and trust
We thought him a fool
Thy right thou had to spit on us on us Oh Lord!
while we hammer our tools
Why thy donst not?
He loves us still so
Even though we ignore him and question what he knows
We are thy children, he thy father
He loves us, and charishes us, and cares for us so

Hello Fall, Goodbye World

Autem is the season were death kisses life,
Were rain falls hard in the midst of the night,
When young children ask there mothers "Why is the sky crying?"
Well we all know the sky can not can't rain cause it hasent got a brain,
So it cant fell emotions like anger or pain,
I fell strong pity for this poor lifless thing,
For it just sits and rains and rains,
But Alas!
I can do nothing!
not one single thing......