wow that introduction was OLD most of it doesnt even apply to me anymore... okay well the fact that i love manga better then anime is still true and so is the fact that im in love dn angel... if i was an anime i would so be in love with dark... and if i was a cartoon i would so be in love with shadow the hedgehog seriously hes like an emo version of sonic.

Anyway join me on my quest to take over the world and reign as Crusnik queen (vampires beware I'm coming after you lot next)

and also I've started writing a story and I've published it online I'd really appreicate it if you could check it out!

thank you!!!!

Welcome and enjoy your stay and i hope to see you around here again drop me a pm!!!


Okay I know I've said this 100 times already but I mean it this time
I am going to start coming on here more often!
I haven't been on here in almost a year..
Its crazy!
Furthermore I have realised I have actually been using this for 6 years!
Oh yea and I should seriously update my introduction on here!
Anyway I really will come on here more this time

hmmm really not good with titles?

Okay I've came to the conclusion that I should start using theotaku more I'm not sure if I'm actually gonna remember to come on here but I'm gonna try. My blog is so dead currently and I really shoulda finished my story which no one really read but I hate not finishing things.
Why do I get the feeling I'm talking to myself? Hmmm maybe coz I am? I seem to be doing that a lot recently especially at work.
Okay I'm falling asleep so ima wrap it up but I'm defo gonna get on here more often and visit the people I've subbed too more... :D

wow its been so long

ok so i doubt anyones even gonna read this but oh well..
its been like a year since i updated this thing and i used to be addicted loool
so yeah my sister moved in with my dad which is like super mad coz we were best friends and everything coz shes only !! months younger in then me.. oh well at least i get my own room now and its the biggest in the house.
my mums pregnant again going to have a little brother called jayden-oliver hes due on christmas eve.. 6th form has been MAD!! ahhhh gotta go step dad wants me


SOOOOO.... i havent got much time so thisis a little rushed
i know i havent been on in a long time but i kinda have my reasons whoch i dont reallly wanna think about..

  • so last sunday was my bday YAY and i got a black berry DOUBLE YAY
    but sadly it wont let me log into the o so if anyone wants to talk to me go email me or talk 2 me on facebook
  • thurday i went back to school and i swear im gonna smash sams face in...
  • monday i start my work exp for my course work.. im working as a TA in a nursery school
  • i got my maths results back for my GCSEs (sorry i dont know what you call them in the USA) and i got a B it sucks so im gonna re take them in nov



transformers and the beach

welll.... Friday me and a couple of people went to got
watch transformers
i loved it
then me jordan tanni and tannis bf jamie went 2 clacton which is a 2 hr drive away VERY boring to hte beach which was really fun
and i bought this really cute voodoo doll with pink bushy hair looool
soooo yh it was really fun...