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Regarding Naruto as of late.

I made this last night as an expression of my feelings for Naruto these past couple of months. We finally got some plot development after God knows how long, so now I'm just waiting for it to progress (though knowing Kishimoto, "progress" is defined as being slow as humanly possible).

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{ "quote." | Sasuke }

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Sasuke's anger and passion draws me to him.
Underneath that tough exterior, I believe,
Is his younger self.
The self who loved his brother,
His friends,
His village,
And could actually show a little bit of love.
Sasuke does what he thinks is best,
Even if no one else, including the audience, agrees.
His hatred is what has made him grow, and perhaps even realize on his own
That what he searches for might not be the answer.
It might not bring him his salvation.

Animated Sasuke Icon <3

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I made a new DeviantART, so I needed icons C: Well, here they are! Drawing chibi Sasuke is so fun <333 (ironically, my username too xDDD)

I can't figure out why the transparent background icons always have the white lines around them OTL

Please, DO NOT use these. They're miiiiiine D:

Naruto Icons

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EDIT 18/05/11: Added more 3 more.

Sorry for neglecting this world! D:
I'll add more Naruto icons later, hopefully! (edit: added more!)
And let me add, WHY KISHIMOTO DID YOU HAVE TO KILL OFF MINATO AND KUSHINA? ; A; Kushina is one of the very few decent female characters in Naruto. And she's so cute! I LOOOOOVE HER OTL I hope Kishimoto will make a side story about them being together. That'd be awesome!

Free for use, of course ^ ^

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