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This world was created mostly to post
experimentals, WIPs, and free graphics for your use!

► The terms of use for using my graphics can be found here. ◄

Thank you <3 Please enjoy your stay! (> ω<)b


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Youtube Channel Set

I created a small set of graphics for a Youtube channel of mine. The channel will be used in the future for short films and music videos I make (I think I'm going to film school after I graduate :'D)!

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Too bad Youtube likes to kill quality, so I don't really get a chance to use these much = A=;;

If you would like to see the finished channel, you can see it here!~



Terms of Use

1. Only if the graphic is labelled as being for free use may you use it!
2. If you decide to use anything, please link back to me (either this world, or my portfolio).
3. Nothing here is available for commercial use.
4. If you're unsure of whether you are able to use something or not, please feel free to send me a PM. I don't bite! C:

I'll always post credits for anything I've gotten from different websites. I expect you to show the same courtesy!

Thank you! > u<