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This world was created mostly to post
experimentals, WIPs, and free graphics for your use!

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Thank you <3 Please enjoy your stay! (> ω<)b


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{ "quote." | Hei }

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Hei, for me, is an inspiring character.
Despite that he hides himself away,
Pushes others away,
He still does his best in order to be reunited with his sister.

{ I'm making a bunch of these for tumblr. All for my favourite characters. c: There are more to come! }

Togainu no Chi Doujin Edit

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This is clearly what I do when I'm bored. LOL.
e u e Happened to be looking at TnC doujin when this came up, and I thought, "I should totally edit this." Hahaha. c8
You'rewelcome. /shot

Pixeling Practice

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Failing epically. ; m ;
But at least I got myself a new DA icon!

Kuroh Yatogami WIP { UPDATED }

First WIP:
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Second WIP:
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EDIT: Fixed his face. It was too long. I didn't like it. e____e Still need to add more detail to the hair, but I was totally just doing my own thing. ; u;" I'll look up tutorials tomorrow. THIS WILL BE THE LAST UPDATE UNTIL IT IS DONE~


It's in poster size too. 11x17. Possibly means I might (and most likely) will use it for conventions when I'm done. c8 FIRST POSTER EVERRRR. And it's already so bad but HEY WHATEVS. I need to practice working with large canvases like that in Photoshop. ; u ;"

Toradora! Icons

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Free for use. Planning to add more later maybe. ;u;

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