Haiiii tharrrrrr. The posts below were written in a more naive, cursor-happy era.


People say that when a ball is coming towards you. If you put your head up isnt there more chance of being hit? :X

Tokyopurinchan AKA Tokyopurin has come back to life as http://www.theotaku.com/portfolio/c_cat


Go check her out, she's really cute.
WAIT! What I mean is:
Go check your portfolio out, her artwork is really cute. ^_^

And she's my cousin. Cool + Cool = Cold.

The weather has been so c-c-c-cold lately. It got down to 6* yesterday. Brrrr.

Jaa ne~! I didn't actually do 20 comments last time but I got close!

Ahhh, Autumn...haha.


I'm alive? Are you alive? It's good to be alive! 8D

I was in the supermarket today and I heard this dude on the speakers say "Everyone, come to the front of the fresh produce section for great discounts on the pumpkin. Get them fresh- only $1 a piece" And then he said: "You. Will. Save" And he sounded like darth vader, it was really funny. So then I felt the need to say it too, and apparently all the people in the next aisle were laughing at me.
It sounds kinda biblical, huh. YOU WILL SAVE.


Ok so how's this. It's Monday the 20th of April so I am going to make 20 comments on other people's worlds and pictures and all that. Because it makes me feel guilty when I don't comment.

Which totally doesn't make sense because if I felt that guilty i would ACTUALLY COMMENT. I guess I'm not caring enough...

I bought an anime and manga related magazine today. It comes from the UK so it's a March issue. I am so very very behind the times with all that j-life stuff. Onoz!

Onoz 2 teh Ozone!!!

Jaa ne!
20 comments! :O


Yay I felt like posting even though I don't expect anyone to comment because I don't comment on anyone else's stuff. That's ok!

..I mean its ok if you dont comment on this, not 'its ok that i dont comment on your stuff'.

Umm ok well im eating a vegimite sandwich and milk XD
And these biscuits which are like imitation Oreos. They're called Hi-Ro.

I'm at a new school now. It's all like, new school-ness! They've got this uber swish cafeteria with like sofas and tables and computers and stuff. And we got this shist sheet/list of rules for inside the cafeteria.

"Ice poles and similiar things on a stick should not be waved around, especially during animated conversations."

Hehe I was laughing so hard i started choking. ^_^ Cuz I do that all the time.

I've started collecting Pocky. Anata mo watashi mo POCKY~~!

please dont feel obliged to comment >:D



I HAVE A COLD! Actually half the class had a cold today. 7/15 7th graders...but for some reason none of the Grade 6 people were sick. T_T

Don't bother commentin' cuz I've given up. *waves white flag*

Nuuu my wallpaper got rejected. I feel embarrased now for some reason. ;_;




Who here has a DA account? Cuz I just woke mine up *poke poke* And cleared it out *delet'd shitty old artwork* and got rid of my old friends *crazed kisshu fangirls* *SHUDDER*

So, yeah. I'm lurking, btw. Which is an inanely valid reason for me not commenting on your latest post. Of course! ^____^
I had to write a debate today. It was not fun. Luckily I'm really good at arguing so it was easy. CX