Back/Opening Night/So Behind/WTF

So..... As you all know, or I hope you knew, I was soooooo incredibly busy because of this damnnnn play. Romeo & Juliet. Since it is Shakesphere, it is a very difficult play to act out.. ESPECIALLY when it's OLD ENGLISH and you have to translate it into your own actions as if you know what the flopping fudge you're saying! T^T oh, the torture...
I've been absent for too long.
I miss you all.

OH, Opening Night was yesterday night. It went so SWELL! I play the Nurse btw. xD the funny part about it is that she resembles Lupe A LOT! Both are vulgar. Both are loud and funny. I enjoyed acting her character...

3 more shows to do and then I'm COMPLETELY DONE WITH IT ALL~!

Wish me luck. I love you all! ^3^ <3