Block Recovery!

Yes, my block is fading away S L O W L Y...
Buuuuut i am recovering !
Thanks to CK and her help on webcam and tutorials, i am on the road into drawing again.
Below is a LUPE FAIL!
T^T Jenae made me feel bad.... so its a fail.
I was thinking of making her have blonde/honey hair!
I know I shouldnt keep changing her like that but im sooooooo positive this will look so nice on her, so what do you guys think?? :O

For the people who i owe art trades..
:D Leave it up to me.

For PGR members..
Im sorry i havent been posting.
But guess what, my creativity is coming back (ive been reading alot of books when i was out) and i wilol post SOONER THAN SOON! I guarantee this 100 percent!

OH and for TBC members, We been talking ( Me CK and Nae ) and we need to find a way to become active again. Like a "rebirth" or something. Dei-chan if you are reading this then lets talk about this.

Over and out!