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Love with Wings

This is a Ladii Oreo original about how two unlikely things fell in love. Their names are wierd but its ok. Enjoy!

Live with Wings

There one was an angel,
That served her lord,
She loves to serve but she easily gets bored.

So she flies down to Earth,
And blessed a newborn baby,
And went for a walk,
Her name was Anaby.

There one was a sini gami,
That served his lord,
He really don’t like to serve so he usually gets bored.

So he flies up to Earth,
To kill a guy or two,
And went for a walk,
His name was Takabu.

New Destiny has arrived,
For a drugged baby to be born,
So the two rushed to the hospital,
Before the baby’s destiny will be torn.

The two arrived, at the same time,
Where the mother was in labor with pain,
But there was no changes yet because the angel and the sini gami was staring at each other with love and strain.

Love at first sight,
Each others’ faces went through their minds,
As they were staring at each other… not looking behind.

Anaby snapped out of it,
For she had a job to be complete,
So she delivered the baby all nice and healthy.

Takabu snapped out of it,
For he had a job to be complete,
So he killed the crack-head mother,
Putting her to a deep, deep sleep

“To love an enemy”,
Their minds speak up,
But they did not care… they love each other so much.

“I don’t care if you are an enemy”,
Takabu said with true feelings and shame,
I love you, my sweet angel… do you feel the same?”

“I love you, dear sini gami,”
Anaby said so proud as ever,
“No matter what GOD or Satan say, we will be together forever.”

Can you Imagine?

This is another poem i wrote. Its about how i can imagine these things happening. This is a rhyming poem so... enjoy!

Can You Imagine?

Love without regret,
My baby god sister being upset

My mother getting dumped,
Mateou being jumped

The Earth with no land,
The Beach with no sand

Where geeks are cool,
Where there is no school

My family finally having lots of money,
The bees not making honey

My sister’s drawings sparkling with fame,
An infant with no name

Georgia without a riot,
An anorestic on a diet

Me being a star,
A lightning bug without a jar

A Lesbian kissing a Gay,
A night without a day

A man wearing hair weave,
Blue without Steve

The President being shot,
Ice that is hot

A pen without ink,
Baby blue without pink

Love without Lust,
Furniture without dust

Ice without cream,
Hair without sheen

U and I together,
Me and you forever

Can you imagine?

Dear Oreo

This is a poem i dedicated to my favorite cookie... oreos!!! i luv them so much that i made a poem about them. This is Freeverse and in letter form!

Dear sweet Oreo,

Oreo, Oreo, where art thou? Oh yeah I remember, you’re in my stomach now. I couldn’t help it, you are just so sweet. It’s the way you love and comfort me. It makes me want to eat you up!
Oreo, Oreo, do you love me? Of course you do and I love you, too. Your creamy filling in the middle is so good and tender and yummy. It is so good… it’s like heaven in my tummy! But your chocolate cookies are so good to me. I wonder how you always make me smile…
Oreo, Oreo… are you seeing someone else? Yes I know who she is, I’m not dumb. The girl you are seeing… her name is Milk! You’ve been dipping in milk behind my back! Oreo, you deserve a pimp-hand slap… but I love you, Oreo. So, I forgive you!
With love inside,
Ladii O